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Maximize rental income. Guaranteed.

Losses from vacancy at your rental property can add up quickly. That’s why Mynd offers the most effective way to lease your property in record time. We combine 3D tours, syndication to every major listing site, sophisticated pricing, a fully dedicated leasing team, and much more.

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Never overpay for repairs & maintenance. Ever.

Expenses from repairs and maintenance can pile up and eat into your margins. Mynd’s expansive network of quality vendors gives owners the most competitive R&M prices so you never overpay.

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Real-time property information at your fingertips.

Your rentals are among your most valuable assets, so you should always understand how they’re performing. Mynd gives you full transparency and visibility into all service requests, lease applications, rent collection and financial reports.

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Easily grow your portfolio.

But wait, there’s more! As your rental property investment partner, Mynd is here for the long haul. Think of us as your one-stop-shop to continually help grow your portfolio with other value-added services including online rental property investing, lending, insurance and construction management. 

Simple, straightforward pricing.

All pricing packages include Full Service property management with NO hidden fees and easy cancellation.

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Full-service property management, digital leasing, quality resident screening, repairs, reporting and much more...

  • mynd pet guarantee
    $2,500 Pet Damage
per month

Everything from the
Core package, plus:

  • mynd pet guarantee
    $2,500 Pet Damage
  • mynd eviction protection guarantee
    $5,000 Eviction
  • mynd rental income guarantee
    $5,000 Rental Income
per month

Full package which includes:

  • mynd pet guarantee
    $2,500 Pet Damage
  • mynd eviction protection guarantee
    $5,000 Eviction
  • mynd rental income guarantee
    $5,000 Rental Income
  • mynd property damage guarantee
    $5,000 Property Damage
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Trusted by owners nationwide.

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"I am Mark Heineken. I am a product manager in silicon valley. I live in San Francisco, with my family and we've been here for about 10 years. I've been interested in real estate but it's also been really hard as you work a full-time job and take care of a family. And so, where Mynd has been able to step in is really own that process end to end. And have one point of contact to manage all that. We started investing in real estate about four years ago in 2016. we really didn't enjoy following the stock market up and down and we'd rather just focus on doing our work at our day jobs and taking care of our families. And the market that we lived in particular San Francisco was probably out of our range and so we leveraged Mynd to help find and understand what would be good markets to invest in. And what we really loved about the service was both the analytical portion of being data driven, but also the qualitative portion buy good properties that make great homes for folks. Its something that is pretty easy to understand. The folks at Mynd can help tailor the right investment to the right goals. So, really knowing that our goals are quite long term helps balance and understand where to invest and what types of assets to invest in, which makes it really seamless and enables me to focus on my day job and our family."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mynd ensure my property avoids vacancy and gets rented quickly?

Mynd Property Management uses data and technology as well as on-the-ground expertise to advertise your property, conduct showings (both virtual and in-person) and effectively coordinate move-in and move-outs. 

We use contactless leasing, virtual “view on your own schedule”
showings and provide real-time visibility and data on your property’s performance on your owner dashboard. This generally results in your home leasing faster and more efficiently. 

View your pipeline of tenant prospects, the number of applications that have been completed, showings scheduled and approved tenants.
After the move in, our team ensures that tenants are happy by providing superior customer service. We commit to quick response times and expert completion of repairs and maintenance requests, which results in high resident satisfaction scores. Happy residents are more likely to renew leases, therefore avoiding vacancy at your rental property.

What is included in property management services?

A full-service property management business should handle everything tenant related, maintenance, money, liability, bookkeeping, and communication. 

Services include, but are not limited to: advertising the property, screening tenants, collecting the security deposit, doing property inspections, repairs, yearly and seasonal maintenance, drawing up lease agreements, early lease termination, evictions, and more. Learn more about Mynd’s full-service property management offering here.

Some property managers like Mynd Management can provide more than the basics and offer services such as lending, insurance, brokerage and construction management. Learn more about Mynd’s Investor Services here.

Do you need a certificate to be a property manager?

Most, but not all states, require property managers to have a property management license or a real estate broker's license. Whichever property management business you choose, make sure they are credible and ask if they have a license. 

Mynd is fully licensed in the following states:







North Carolina




How can I maximize rental income on my investment property?

There are a variety of ways to maximize your rental income including renting at the highest market-rate rent, leasing as quickly as possible to minimize vacancy losses, getting the best repairs and maintenance rates and making sure you increase rents during renewals. A great property manager will  optimize your rental property’s performance at every stage of asset management. 

At Mynd Management, we have proprietary data on actual market rents to help predict rents, auto notices to prevent from missing tenant renewals/increases and to help advise you on how much to raise rent. Mynd also has a strong leasing program that leverages digital applications, 3D tours, syndicated advertising and many other features that make the application process seamless for renters.

Does Mynd guarantee that my rental earns money each month?

While we can’t always guarantee a profit, our Rent Guarantee helps minimize your potential losses.Click here to learn more about our rental guarantees.

What exactly does a property manager do?

From A to Z, property managers do it all:

  • Boost your monthly cash flow
  • Ad writing
  • Follow zoning regulations
  • 24/7 emergencies
  • Handle eviction proceedings
  • Write lease agreements
  • Tenant screening
  • Complete repairs & maintenance
  • And much more!

Not only that, Mynd is fully operational in any environment, allowing us to conduct remote resident property inspections, electronic rent collection, and virtual leasing. Contact us to learn more.

What does a property management company charge?

Many property management companies charge 8% to 12% of monthly rent plus expenses, although some charge flat monthly rates. Beware that some companies have hidden fees. Mynd has straight-forward, flat pricing options and easy cancelation. 

Learn more about Mynd’s pricing for your region.

Do property managers collect rent?

Yes, property managers collect rent and handle all money matters. That includes security deposits, late rent fees, early lease termination, and evictions. 

Most of our tenants also pay their rent online, which means you will get paid faster. More than 97% of our tenants pay their rent online, whether through the Mynd Resident app, their mobile device or a laptop/computer. We also track rent delinquencies across our portfolio on a weekly basis so that we can reach out to your tenants to see if we can help them with any payment issues they have. In Q3, 8.1% of our portfolio was delinquent, compared to 10.1% in the first quarter during the initial outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s how committed we are to ensuring your tenants have the financial wherewithal to pay their rent.  

Also, our Rent Guarantee helps minimize your potential losses during an unforeseen vacancy.

Is a property manager worth it?

If you want  to remain a passive real estate investor, then consider a property manager to manage your rental. Instead of taking the time to deal with the headaches from managing your rentals, you can focus on growing your portfolio, or save quality time by spending it with your family and friends. Beyond just outsourcing the headaches that come with managing your own properties, using a property manager can also help increase your profit margins. Some property managers like Mynd have an extensive network of vendors so you get the best rates for repairs and maintenance. 

Make sure you choose a management company that will allow you to cancel if you are not happy. If you are interested in learning more about Mynd Management’ s easy cancellation click here.

What is the best property management company?

You need a property management company that keeps things simple for you, is easy to communicate with, keeps up with state and local laws and ordinances to make sure you’re always in the clear, and has the connections to get you the best deals on high-quality labor and materials. 

One way to research a property management company is to look at reviews and testimonials. Mynd Management has numerous reviews on Google My Business, and averages 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 500 reviews! 

Here’s what some of our happy landlords and their tenants are saying: 

As a new property owner, Mynd's team is quite professional from initial handover to leasing. The portal is well organized and intuitive. I believe this is the right company I can trust for my property management." -Rex Yang of  Houston, Texas

"Mynd is a very professional, punctual and extremely helpful service provided for renters." - Ali Haq of Oakland, California

Great service and management: My house was on the market and leased in a week. Whitley Heston and Danni did an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier with them and the Mynd team! I highly recommend them!" - Donn Frostad of Seattle, Washington

“They rented my property faster than I thought they would and at the rent I was looking for,which exemplifies skilled marketing. I am very satisfied with my experience with Mynd and am ready to trust them with my next property.” - Akshay Patel of Sacramento, California

We have had a great experience working with Mynd Property Management. Julieta and Veronica always provide us with great excellent customer service and are very prompt, professional and always positive. I always know I will get the help we need and get our questions answered in a timely, professional manner from both ladies and their team.” - Daniel Morales of Phoenix, Arizona 

However, please be aware that public reviews are only one way to research a property management company and some review sites like Yelp are not always an accurate reflection of the company’s service. Read this blog to learn more about all the ways to assess a property manager.

Why is property management important?

Property management is essential because it’s truly the only way to ensure your real estate investment is passive. This means that you can repurpose your time to actively invest and grow your portfolio or reuse that time on higher-value activities, such as spending time with family and friends.

Property management businesses handle every step of the rental process, from advertising the property and tenant screening to performing maintenance between vacancies, handling emergencies and evictions, and doing the little things that make your tenants more likely to re-sign their lease. 

Property managers are also knowledgeable in both state and local ordinances and regulations. That way you’re never caught off guard by a surprising liability or common, preventable lease violations.

Finally, with property management from Mynd, you can scale your investment, thanks to a consistent flow of income and Mynd’s online rental property investing services that include lending, insurance, and construction management.

How do I choose a property management company?

You need a well-reviewed company that leverages modern technology to best service your residents and help you maximize your net operating income. 

The company should have an extensive network of vendors to minimize labor and material costs, while guaranteeing high-quality service. And the business staff should have the skills and experience to deal with everything expected and unexpected to keep your tenants happy and your vacancies low.

Is a landlord the same as a property manager?

A landlord is the owner of a real estate property, and the property manager is the person who manages the property, the residents, the money, the bookkeeping, and the legal components. A landlord who self manages is also the property manager. Whichever route you choose, keep in mind that you are running a rental property business, make decisions that align with your strategy.

Do property managers pay for repairs?

A property manager helps the landlord pay for repairs and maintenance but ultimately they impact the landlord’s expenses. That’s why it is important to choose a property management company who has an expansive network of quality vendors to get the best rates possible for the landlord or owner of the rental.

Can you write off property management fees?

Yes, fees that are used by the property manager to cover maintenance costs can be written off as operating expenses. A good property manager will have organized and easily accessible financial statements for you or your accountant. There are also many additional tax deductions to help make real estate investments more profitable and easier to manage. 

At the end of the calendar year, Mynd Management provides all owners with a simple, easy-to-understand, rental property summary for your tax records. Mynd Owners can access these documents through the online owner’s portal anytime.