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Report: San Jose Earns #1 Spot on List of Nation's Top Tech Cities based on 6 Key Metrics

Learn about how San Jose metro area is #1 on List of Nation's Top Tech Cities. On this news story you will read about all the reasons why it is at the top the list.

Google's Next Venture Could Have Tremendous Impact on San Jose Real Estate

Google is notoriously tight-lipped about its expansion plans, which is why it came as such a surprise this Thursday when the tech company confirmed it has been eyeing San Jose’s Diridon Station district as a possible location for new corporate offices.

Shopping for East Bay Rental Property? How to Decide What to Buy [Part II]

When it comes to investing in East Bay real estate, there are so many different types of properties you can buy. So how do you narrow it down and decide what to buy?

Shopping for East Bay Rental Property? Start by Evaluating Where to Buy [PART I]

In Part I of a multi-installment series on real estate investing, we explore a number of factors that influence where to buy income property.

San Leandro Inches Closer to New Tenant Relocation Policy

For at least the past year, the San Leandro City Council has been weighing whether or not landlords should be required to pay tenant relocation costs.

Hayward Planning Commission Votes to Loosen Restrictions on In-Law Apartments, But Will it Matter?

Last month, the Hayward Planning Commission voted 4-0 to endorse new building and zoning codes that would give homeowners more flexibility in building these in-law apartment.

Midyear Report: Bay Area Wages on the Rise, but Housing Prices Rising Even Faster

Simply put: housing prices are rising so much faster than wages that it has become increasingly difficult for Bay Area residents to afford owning or renting their home.

Labor Report: Bay Area Continues to Add Jobs but Slowly

Economists have been warning that the Bay Area has reached “full employment,” a signal that the good times may be nearing an end.

With All Eyes on San Jose Expansion, Google Quietly Picks up 52 Parcels in Sunnyvale

News broke that Google has been silently buying up parcel after parcel in Sunnyvale. Google has locked down 52 properties, a grand total of $820 million.

Multifamily Market Outlook: Oakland, CA

Get a clear picture of Oakland's Multifamily Market, we scour listings and pore over endless research briefs to stay up to speed on market trends.