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What Do Elk Grove Management Companies Do and How Much Do They Cost

Today we are speaking with a Regional Manager with Mynd Property Management, about what property management companies do and how much their services will cost, particularly in the Elk Grove area.

Top 3 Reasons Landlords Will Fail Investing In Elk Grove

Learn about the top three reasons why investors and property owners have failed while investing in Elk Grove and how you can use these lessons to find success investing in the Elk Grove area.

How to Handle a Maintenance Emergency in Your Elk Grove Property

Knowing how and having the ability to manage an Elk Grove rental property emergency before it happens is key to keeping tenants happy and costs low. Learn how to manage maintenance issues in the Sacramento area!

Do You Really Need a Property Manager in Elk Grove?

While self-managing an Elk Grove rental property can prove both challenging and rewarding, hiring a property manager is the best decision many investors make. Learn about the top tips to managing properties in Elk Grove, CA.

Top Three Things That Will Cost You Money When Owning a Property in Elk Grove

Top three things that will cost you money when owning a rental property in the Elk Grove area. Learn more Elk Grove property management tips such as avoiding vacancies, following fair housing laws and more!

How to Choose the Best Property Management Company in Elk Grove

Get a better idea of why hiring a property manager in a market like Elk Grove is the best option to avoid unnecessary heartache.

Top Five Reasons Why Investors Are Successful In Elk Grove

There are many things to remember when investing in Elk Grove real estate. Having a little bit of knowledge can help any investor be or remain successful. Learn more about our top tips to find success growing your rental portfolio in the Sacramento area!

Top Tips to Help Landlords with Problem or Bad Tenants in Phoenix

If you’re a Phoenix investor, you want to know what to do with a disruptive or difficult tenant. Learn about screening, qualification, lease agreements and more.