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Mynd Management Makes big Houston Acquisition

Mynd Property Management has expanded its presence in Texas with the acquisition of Houston-based Empire Industries, a property management company with more than 800 single-family homes under management in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth markets.

3 Real Estate Budgeting Tips for Houston Landlords

Investing in Houston real estate can be expensive, but opportunities to save money abound. These three real estate budgeting tips will help. Learn more!

How to Handle Houston Rental Property Emergency Maintenance

Discover what Houston investors or property managers should expect in a maintenance emergency and how to determine if an emergency is occurring, overall.

What Goes Into a Tenant Eviction Make-Ready in Houston

Learn what a Houston, TX property manager or investor can expect when making a property ready for new tenants, particularly after an eviction.

5 Reasons Why Houston Is Growing Northwest (and Why You Should Invest)

Find out about how Houston is growing and what factors are ultimately determining this growth - making it a prime real estate investment opportunity. Learn more!.

Getting Your Houston Property Ready to Rent (What You Should Know)

Discover needs to be done to make a Houston rental property move-in ready, and what to look out for when making your own property ready for new tenants. Learn more!

How to Identify (and Evaluate) a Houston Real Estate Investment

What Houston rental property investors should look for when determining which neighborhoods are benefitting from a market boom. Learn how to determine whether the property they are looking to buy will benefit, as well.

Top 3 Strategies to (Successfully) Invest in Houston Real Estate

While every investor is different, many successful investors in Houston exhibit these three strategies that can be attributed to their success. Learn more!

When to Buy a Rental Investment Property in Houston

When is the right and wrong time to jump into the investment property market? Discover why now is the right time to buy in Houston, TX!

What to Do When There Is a Natural Disaster in Houston?

Learn about preparing for and dealing with natural disasters at your Houston rental property home. Some important first steps include checking in with your tenants and checking on the property.