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The Benefits of Investing in Turn-Key Properties

Learn all about the pros and cons of investing in turn-key rental properties - how to get started, where to find deals, what return you should expect, and who can help you along the way.

Why Reno Is a Great Place to Buy Real Estate Investments

Learn about the Reno, NV rental property market and why it may or may not be a good place for you to invest. Reno has a strong economy, growing professional industry and affordable homes. These characteristics might make sense for your rental strategy, learn more!

19 Strategies to Scale your Rental Property Portfolio Quickly

Scaling your rental property portfolio requires as much planning as it does money. In many ways, planning is more important than money because an experienced real estate investor knows how to work with monetary limitations. In contrast, an unskilled investor risks squandering whatever advantages they have.

Why Do So Many Real Estate Investors Fail? Advice for Portland Rental Owners

In Portland, there are a few specific reasons that investors fail. Learn about why many investors who can’t succeed end up getting out of real estate altogether and how you can avoid this and become a successful Portland, OR rental property owner!

Keys to Success in the Tampa Real Estate Investment Market

It’s easy to be successful with Tampa rental properties. Today, we’re discussing some of the commonalities among investors who are successful in this market. Learn about using data, trends and various opportunities in the Tampa market.

How to Succeed as a Portland Real Estate Investor

Learn about the best strategy for Portland real estate investors to employ in order to enjoy long term investment success in the Oregon real estate market. Some of these tips include understanding the political landscape of a market and the local laws and regulations.

Different Things That Will Cost You Money on your Tampa Investment

Learn about the Tampa rental property costs you may encounter as an investment homeowner in the state of Florida. As an investor, we all know there are expenses that come with owning a rental home, read more about what those expenses could be.

Biggest Mistakes You Can Avoid as a Rental Real Estate Investor in Tampa

Learn about the issues and challenges that Tampa, FL real estate investors and landlords may experience and how you can avoid these mistakes. Some things to avoid include placing the wrong residents and choosing a rental property that does that work with your goals.

A Reno Real Estate Investing for Beginners Guide

If you’re a new investor and you want to get involved in the Reno rental market, we have a few specific tips, a lot of advice, and a list of items for your to-do list.

Report: San Jose Earns #1 Spot on List of Nation's Top Tech Cities based on 6 Key Metrics

Learn about how San Jose metro area is #1 on List of Nation's Top Tech Cities. On this news story you will read about all the reasons why it is at the top the list.