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Fire Prevention Tips (and Best Practices) for Landlords

Fire is always a risk, but it’s especially top of mind given all the wildfires in the western US. Learn more about fire prevention tips and best practices for landlords.

10 Steps To Avoid Vacancy And Lease Your Rental Property Quickly

Minimizing vacancy time is a priority for landlords trying to maximize their return, but it is even more important during a pandemic when every dollar counts. The key to reducing the time between a renter moving out and a new tenant moving in is utilizing technology to make the process quick and convenient. A tech savvy property management company using self-showings, online applications, and virtual leasing can reduce vacancy time.

What Does the CDC’s Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions Order Mean for Landlords?

The CDC has issued a tenant eviction moratorium until December 31, 2020. Learn more about how the moratorium works and what it means for landlords and investors.

Breakdown of an Eviction: What are the (Real) Costs?

While no one wants to deal with an eviction, it's good to know what to expect from the eviction process, depending on where your investment property is. Learn more!

21 Rental Property Updates to Attract High-Quality Residents

Rehab your rental home to attract new tenants, but that can significantly eat into your capital. Instead, try to make changes that are lower in cost but greater in value. Learn more about various property updates you can implement to attract high-quality residents today!

Online Rental Payments Help Property Owners and Tenants

Making electronic rental payments is the best way for tenants to avoid late fees and the fastest way for landlords to collect rent. Learn about ways you can transition your residents to online payments today.

15 Day to Day Frustrations as a Property Manager or Landlord

Any part of being a property manager or landlord can be frustrating, depending on your disposition. It's a complex job demanding the use of many skills such as delegating responsibility, communication, bookkeeping, research, and networking.

13 Challenges to Owning Multiple Rental Properties

Even with the help of a property management company, owning multiple properties will require your involvement. That doesn't mean it's not worth it. It means that knowing what you're getting into is very important.

3 Tips to Increase your Leasing Volume in Fernley NV

Learn some tips and tricks to get your Fernley rental properties leased quickly including what changes and improvements you can make to attract more interest.

What Does A Property Management Company Do in Carson City NV?

What should you be looking for in a Carson City property management company and what questions should you be asking to make sure you are a good fit? What updates can you make on your property to increase its curb appeal?