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Do You Really Need a Property Manager in Las Vegas?

While many investors choose to manage their Las Vegas rental properties, themselves, this can be incredibly challenging, especially if you work another job or own too many properties.

How to Handle an Emotional Support Animal in Las Vegas

Emotional support & service animals are two very different concepts. Learn about how to handle animals at your Las Vegas rental property. For investors, knowing the difference can either cost or save a lot of time and money.

Why Investing in Las Vegas Is Lucrative

With a global reputation as a world-class destination for entertainment, it is obvious to anyone why Las Vegas is a great market in which to invest. Learn about the top reasons to invest in this market today!

Selecting the Right Residents for Your Property in Las Vegas

Choosing a tenant can be a truly daunting task, especially when self-managing your Las Vegas rental property. Learn about what criteria can be used such as rental history, background check and more.

Top Investment Property Expenses to Expect for Your Las Vegas Rental

Every Las Vegas investor should ultimately expect to spend money, especially if they plan to make any. And while many expenses may seem obvious, some expenses are dictated by the location of the property, itself.

How to Handle a Resident Smoking in Your Las Vegas Rental Property

Why is it important to prevent vaping or smoking within your Las Vegas rental and how a property owner can handle the situation should a tenant choose to do so?

How is Las Vegas Dealing with the Coronavirus?

What Sacramento landlords can do if they find themselves in the middle of an emergency situation? Understand how to respond and handle an emergency when they have rental homes and residents to think about in Sacramento.

How Is COVID-19 Continuing to Impact Real Estate in Las Vegas?

Mynd's regional director in Las Vegas, Chris Meranto, joined Steve and Alex to provide another update on how Las Vegas is doing during the coronavirus.

Real Estate Investing in Las Vegas, NV

Explore Las Vegas, NV rental property investment data here. For more local information on home prices, job growth, appreciation and much more visit our Nevada area real estate investment data pages!