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Property Managers Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Millennials—and What That Means

Learn about millennials living in your rental property homes and why you, the property owner, should be catering to the needs of younger renters in your local area.

What Should Sacramento Landlords Do If They're Caught in the Middle of an Emergency Situation?

What do you do if you own a rental property in Sacramento and you find yourself in the middle of an emergency situation? We’re exploring that with our local expert today, and helping investors understand how to respond to and handle an emergency when they have rental homes and residents to think about in Sacramento.

Sacramento Investors and Landlords: What Should You Do to Prepare for a Global Emergency?

If you’re an investor and you own rental property in Sacramento or the surrounding area, you may be wondering how you can prepare for a global emergency.

Situation Room: How is the Coronavirus Impacting Real Estate?

Know about how Mynd Property Management is dedicated to your health and safety during this global crisis. In this podcast we discuss how the coronavirus is impacting real estate.

Coronavirus Crash? Recession Do's and Don'ts | Rookie Podcast 03

Discover the COVID-19 effects on rental property real estate investing including an economic outlook, do's and dont's during a recession and much more. Podcast guests have over 50 years of real estate experience, tune in to learn more!

Rent Moratorium and Evictions - What Landlords Need to Know and Consider

Learn about what's happening with rent moratorium and evictions as we break down rent moratorium advice for landlords who aren't familiar with the matter.

Simple Advice for Landlords to Fight Coronavirus Issues

Hear all about some simple, yet much-needed advice to landlords and investors to help your real estate investment get through the coronavirus outbreak.

What Landlords Should Do to Combat COVID-19 | Dallas Landlord Advice

Learn all about the information and access to government resources in Dallas you will need to help your investment property, and your residents due to the worldwide pandemic.

How Should Rental Property Owners Prepare for a Local Emergency in Dallas?

Whether it’s a virus or a tornado or a hurricane or a hail storm, know what steps you will take to address any needs that you, your property, or your resident may have.

Making Smart Decisions as the Coronavirus Spreads

What Sacramento landlords can do if they find themselves in the middle of an emergency situation? Understand how to respond and handle an emergency when they have rental homes and residents to think about in Sacramento!