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The Undeniable Truth About the Tenant Eviction Process

Rental property evictions can be tough. Learn about how you can manage the process of evicting tenants by staying consistent with your lease agreement, partial payment recommendations and avoiding emotional interactions.

Is Being a Landlord Hard? The Honest Truth About Owning Rental Property

Being a landlord is no easy task and yes, you can fail. We’ll talk about some key truths that you need to prepare for when you decide to own a rental property.

What Are the Chances of Getting Sued If I'm a Landlord?

When you own a rental property, there’s a chance you’ll find yourself in a lawsuit. Learn about how to avoid and manage lawsuits as a rental property investor.

3 Reasons Why You Should Allow Pets in Your Rental Property Now

When you have a vacant property, not allowing pets can cost you time and money. Discover why you should make your rental property pet safe today!

5 Reasons You Should (or Shouldn't) Buy a Rental Property

Discover the five reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy a specific investment rental home based on goals and strategy.

How to Pick the Best, Most Qualified Resident for Your Rental Property

Discover the top 3 tips to ensure high-quality tenants are chosen for your residential rental property while still in compliance with fair housing laws. Learn about tenant screening, establishing criteria and fair housing laws.