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Top Property Management & Rental Investment Glossary Terms

Learn about the top property management and rental investment terms you should know as a rental homeowner. These real estate terms will help you to succeed as an investor or landlord!

Save Money by Getting Repairs and Maintenance Right

Save money on expenses related to owning a single-family rental property by getting repairs and maintenance right. Learn about our top tips to keep your home in tip top shape.

What Exemptions Apply to AB 1482, California’s Statewide Rent-Control Law?

Learn about the AB 1482 law, also known as California's Statewide rent-control law and how this can affect you as a property owner and the rental homes you own.

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Renters to Renew Their Lease

Find out how you, an investment property owner, can ensure your renters renew their lease at a rental property. By doing this, you can continue stead cash flow and save time trying to find new tenants. Learn more!

21 Rental Property Updates to Attract High-Quality Residents

Rehab your rental home to attract new tenants, but that can significantly eat into your capital. Instead, try to make changes that are lower in cost but greater in value. Learn more about various property updates you can implement to attract high-quality residents today!

19 Strategies to Scale your Rental Property Portfolio Quickly

Scaling your rental property portfolio requires as much planning as it does money. In many ways, planning is more important than money because an experienced real estate investor knows how to work with monetary limitations. In contrast, an unskilled investor risks squandering whatever advantages they have.

Why Should You Pay for a Tampa Property Management Company?

Explore the various reasons you could benefit from a Tampa, FL property management company running your investment rental home. From collecting rent to maintaining the unit to completing maintenance requests, a Tampa property manager could help you run your property more smoothly.

Why Do So Many Real Estate Investors Fail? Advice for Portland Rental Owners

In Portland, there are a few specific reasons that investors fail. Learn about why many investors who can’t succeed end up getting out of real estate altogether and how you can avoid this and become a successful Portland, OR rental property owner!

What's the Difference Between a Portland Rental Emergency and Normal Maintenance Request?

Learn how to prepare for and respond to emergency maintenance situations at a Portland rental property. What do investors need to know? It is important to prepare properly, have systems in place and be ready to execute.

What Portland Property Managers Do & How Will You Benefit as an Investor?

Learn about Portland property management companies and what they should be doing to help manage your rental property investments. If you’re thinking about handing over the duties to a professional, you might want a little more information about what exactly a property manager can do for you, specifically in Portland, OR.