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10 Rules for Successful Real Estate Investing and the Importance of Management

Learn top 10 rules of successful real estate investing from Marco Santarelli, the founder of Norada Real Estate Investments. Tune in to hear his tips on how to choose a deal, put together a team, and expand and diversify your portfolio.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Legislation

Learn how to navigate the changing Bay Area and national legislation during the COVD-19 pandemic, and where to find resources to help you protect yourself as the investor, to protect your properties, but also to protect your tenants while abiding by the law.

Tips on How to Expand Your Real Estate Portfolio in the Current Market

Learn about investing in single-family homes through our podcast guest's first 3 years on the experience of management, renovations and finding the right rental properties that fit their goals. Discover the importance of planning and mindset in this crazy market!

A Comprehensive Look at Real Estate Investing With J. Martin

Discover real estate investing tips and tricks from seasoned real estate investor J. Martin who shares his comprehensive look at how to invest in residential real estate. Learn about business strategy, raising capital, strategy and more.

How AB 1482, or Statewide Rent Control, Impacts California Single-Family Rentals

Learn about the legalization of the AB 1482 statewide rent control which allows most property owners to only raise rents by 5% annually. In today's show you will learn about this and also some of the exceptions.

The Myndful Investor Podcast Show, Episode Zero

Learn how to overcome the fear of getting started when it comes to real estate investing. Discover the secrets of seasoned investors behind their successful rental property portfolios and how you can apply their tactics, suggestions and mistakes to your own real estate investing plan.

J Scott on the value of time

Discover seasoned real estate investors top tips to save time and scale your rental property portfolio. J Scott shares his advice on managing time, delegating tasks, investing resources and much more. Tune in to learn today!

Fitting Work Around Life with Tarl and Grace Yarber

Learn about fix and flip, buy and hold, and BRRR single-family properties throughout the Pacific Northwest with podcast guests on today's show Grace and Tarl Yarber. The Myndful Investor podcast shares tips and tricks to grow your rental property portfolio today!

Chad Gallagher on Real Estate and Technology

Learn about real estate and technology through experience gained owning a property management company. Our guest on the Myndful Investor Podcast discusses building his own business, using artificial intelligence, technology and an on the ground local team.

Chris Clothier on Turnkey Properties | Real Estate Investing Advice

Learn about turnkey rental properties and hear real estate investing advice from today podcast guest. On our show, we discuss how to be successful when investing and a specific strategy to apply when building a rental property portfolio.