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Is Hillsboro, OR a Good Place to Invest in Real Estate in 2020?

Learn why Hillsboro,OR is a great place to own a rental property, and consider the advantages of hiring a property manager that is knowledgeable about local laws and regulations.

What is Oregon’s H.B. 2001 Bill?

Learn more about Oregon’s H.B.2001 bill and how it will affect rent pricing. Why is this an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurial investors?

Why Do So Many Real Estate Investors Fail? Advice for Portland Rental Owners

In Portland, there are a few specific reasons that investors fail. Learn about why many investors who can’t succeed end up getting out of real estate altogether and how you can avoid this and become a successful Portland, OR rental property owner!

What's the Difference Between a Portland Rental Emergency and Normal Maintenance Request?

Learn how to prepare for and respond to emergency maintenance situations at a Portland rental property. What do investors need to know? It is important to prepare properly, have systems in place and be ready to execute.

What Portland Property Managers Do & How Will You Benefit as an Investor?

Learn about Portland property management companies and what they should be doing to help manage your rental property investments. If you’re thinking about handing over the duties to a professional, you might want a little more information about what exactly a property manager can do for you, specifically in Portland, OR.

The Absolute Best Questions to Ask When Hiring a Portland Property Management Company

Discover what you should look for when hiring the best property management company in Portland. Some of the top characteristics of a landlord include legal counsel, sophistication, vendor relationships and more.

Portland Rent Control Explained by a Professional Property Manager

Learn about rent control in Portland, OR, explained by a professional property management expert. Understand the Senate Bill 608 and how it may affect rental properties and owners across the state of Oregon.

Does it Make Sense to Hire a Portland Property Manager?

Investors are always talking amongst themselves about whether they should manage their own rental properties or if they should hire a property manager.

Basic Costs Associated With Maintenance of Portland Rental Property

Find out about the most common expenses associated with Portland, OR rental properties. As an investor, you’ll want to be aware of these common costs and prepare for them, especially as you begin to grow your investment portfolio.

Fair Access in Renting (F.A.I.R.): Portland Requirements for Tenant Screening

Explore all about the requirements for tenant screening in Portland, regarding the Fair Access in Renting, or F.A.I.R. Ordinance. They cover resident screening and advertising, as well as security deposit management.