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J Scott on the value of time

Discover seasoned real estate investors top tips to save time and scale your rental property portfolio. J Scott shares his advice on managing time, delegating tasks, investing resources and much more. Tune in to learn today!

Chad Gallagher on Real Estate and Technology

Learn about real estate and technology through experience gained owning a property management company. Our guest on the Myndful Investor Podcast discusses building his own business, using artificial intelligence, technology and an on the ground local team.

Chris Clothier on Turnkey Properties | Real Estate Investing Advice

Learn about turnkey rental properties and hear real estate investing advice from today podcast guest. On our show, we discuss how to be successful when investing and a specific strategy to apply when building a rental property portfolio.

Dr. Charles Steve Shaffer, Doctor or Investor or Both?

Find out about how real estate can be your option to achieve financial independence and an early retirement. In today's show our guests will discuss family, investing and quitting one job for another.

Brittany Arnason and Kara Beckmann on the Power of Instagram

Learn about real estate investing and using social media and the power of Instagram to build your business. The guests also discuss overcoming gender stereotypes and much more. Tune in to listen and learn!

Jett Buys His First Rental Property at 14 Years Old

Hear Jett's story about how at 14 years old purchased a rental property. With Jett's story in today's show we continue to explore the single family investment realm and also we try to understand what it takes to be successful in single family investment.

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat: Josiah Smelser on the BRRRR Method

Hear all about investing in single-family homes. In today's podcasts you will be told about how to Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat also known as the the BRRRRR strategy.

Darel Daik on Asset-Based Hard Money

Find out about how hard money could be a viable option for investors. In today's show our guests will talk about what hard money is and how it can be used to finance a single family investment.

How Choosing the Right Tenant Can Make or Break You [Video]

Discover why choosing the right tenant is one of the most important aspects of property management. In today's show our guests will talk about the cost of choosing the wrong tenant, in terms of eviction costs, property damage and just trying to chase down rent in general.

How Ryan Harrison Owns and Manages His Property From Guam

Hear about how the airline pilot Ryan Harrison owns and manages his property from Guam. How does he do it?! Find out on this episode of the Myndful Real Estate Investor.