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Rent Control

What Exemptions Apply to AB 1482, California’s Statewide Rent-Control Law?

Learn about the AB 1482 law, also known as California's Statewide rent-control law and how this can affect you as a property owner and the rental homes you own.

Portland Rent Control Explained by a Professional Property Manager

Learn about rent control in Portland, OR, explained by a professional property management expert. Understand the Senate Bill 608 and how it may affect rental properties and owners across the state of Oregon.

Rent Control Laws for Alameda

Take a closer look at the impact of those new laws that passed in four cities of the Bay Area: Oakland, Alameda, Richmond and Mountain View, and what it means to you.

Richmond Rent Control Laws

Examine the impact of new rent control laws on property owners in Richmond. This breakdown includes how the law affects your property, your tenants and increasing rents.

How to Determine Whether Your San Jose Apartment is Subject to Rent Control

Get to dive into San Jose’s rent control policies in the series of articles posted in the Myndful Investor. In them you can find all the information you need to ensure San Jose property managers, owners and investors have the information they need to comply with local regulations.

Repealing Costa-Hawkins Will Create Stricter Rent Control Policies

Costa-Hawkins created a set of uniform rent control regulations that municipalities across the state were required to abide by.

AB 1482 California Rent Control: Update for Landlords and Investors

The arrival of AB 1482 - brings statewide rent control in California effective January 1, 2020. Learn everything that is important to know as you move forward with rent control