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Report: San Jose Earns #1 Spot on List of Nation's Top Tech Cities based on 6 Key Metrics

Learn about how San Jose metro area is #1 on List of Nation's Top Tech Cities. On this news story you will read about all the reasons why it is at the top the list.

Rate of Millennial Homeownership in San Jose Among the Lowest in the Nation, Study Finds

Homeownership in San Jose used to be a rite of passage for young people entering adulthood, but that seems to no longer be the case – at least in the San Jose area. Learn more about homeowners and renters in this area.

San Jose among Handful of Bay Area Cities to Post Year-Over-Year Rent Decline

Some have suggested that decline may be a result of construction boom that’s taken place in San Jose since the recession.

North San Jose Ranks #3 on List of Nation's Most Active Apartment Submarkets

Find out the reasons why San Jose ranks #3 on List of Nation's Most Active Apartment Submarkets.

Study: Multifamily Rent Increases Outpace Income Growth in Southern CA

University of Southern California Casden Multifamily Economic Forecast predicts that average monthly rents in Southern California will increase through at least 2019.

Oakland Rental Housing Construction Activity Soars

The development of new rental units skyrocketed in Oakland in 2018 as more businesses, especially tech companies, flocked to the East Bay from San Francisco

Will San Francisco’s Economy Soar in 2019?

Since emerging from the Great Recession nearly a decade ago, the San Francisco economy and rental housing market have been among the nation’s strongest.

Rental Housing Inventory Floods Seattle

Seattle’s booming economy is fueling new housing formation and record levels of rental housing construction.

High Occupancy and Strong Employment Fuel the North Bay Rental Market

The North Bay/Sonoma County rental housing market has strengthened over the past three years. New construction projects are rising and rental occupancy remains high.

Lack of Affordable For-Sale Housing Boosts Seattle Area Rental Market

A preference for urban living and the lack of affordability keep residents in apartments or single-family rental (SFR) homes.