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Fraud Warning Signs and How to Protect Yourself

Fraud in the rental housing market continues to take a major toll on property owners, residents and renters. While fraud has always been an issue, recent technology advancements have made it increasingly difficult for law enforcement professionals to tackle.

Tenant Safety: What's Required of Property Management by Law?

Property managers are tasked with fulfilling the obligations of housing ordinances and tenant safety laws. Discover what’s legally required of a property manager.

Property Manager Skills to Handle Tricky Resident Situations (and Stay Calm)

Learn how to handle difficult residents when issues or conflict arise. By doing so, you can keep your tenants happy, your interactions easier, increase the odds of residents re-signing their lease

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Renters to Renew Their Lease

Find out how you, an investment property owner, can ensure your renters renew their lease at a rental property. By doing this, you can continue stead cash flow and save time trying to find new tenants. Learn more!

How to Keep the Peace amid Conflicts between Residents

Find out about everything a landlord should know about how to deal with conflicts between residents. Some of the top tips include being neutral between both parties and taking preventative measures before conflict arises.

As a landlord, should you provide tenants references for your past tenants?

At one time or another, it’s the one call that every property manager in the East Bay receives – and makes. Sometimes with a little, or a lot of, dread.

Smart Locks a Smart Move for your Rental Property

The perks of using smart locks at your rental properties go beyond security or convenience. Learn about the benefits smart locks can provide to you, the property owner, and help to manage your investment portfolio.

Should You Include Utilities With Rent [Pros vs. Cons]?

As a landlord, you may be able to charge a premium, but there are a few hassles that will go along with it. Discover the pros and cons of including utilities with the rent.

San Diego Considering Changes to its Affordable Housing Requirements

Learn about how the San Diego Affordable Housing initiatives can affect you as the property owner or landlord. How can AB 1505 present opportunities to rental property owners in the area?

13 Steps to Get Through the Coronavirus as a Renter

Discover 13 ways to get through the coronavirus as a renter, review this set of guidelines to learn how to protect yourself in a rental property home.