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Rent Growth for Sacramento Housing Remains High

The government has historically propelled the Sacramento area economy, but the private sector continues to expand. As a result, the regional economy continues to diversify...

What Does Seattle Property Management Cost?

Watch the series about investing in Seattle real estate launched by Mynd Property Management. If you own rental properties in this market or you’re thinking about making some Seattle investments, you want to be successful.

Top Three Things that Cost Investors Money

Today, he is here to discuss with us the top three things that cost investors and landlords money in this competitive market.

Three Reasons Why Investors Fail in Sacramento

The three reasons for failure in the Sacramento rental market and how investors and landlords can avoid making these mistakes and losing out on their investments.

How to Choose the Right Property Management Company

Today we are speaking with Scott Raymond about how investors can easily choose the right property management company for them.

What Do Property Management Companies Do?

Looking for a property manager? Learn more about different services that property management companies provide and how to choose the right one to meet your needs.

What Does Sacramento Property Management Cost

What is the cost of hiring a Sacramento property manager? Learn about the expenses or fees an investor must account for when deciding upon the right company to manage their property or properties

Five Reasons Why Investors are Successful in Sacramento

Our guest today is Scott Raymond is here to share his top five ways investors have found success, especially in such a competitive rental market.

How to Handle Emergency Maintenance

Learn how to tackle maintenance emergencies when they do occur and how some emergencies might be avoided, altogether.

Do You Really Need a Property Manager in Sacramento?

Today, we’re speaking the founder of Raymond Property Management, which is now part of Mynd about what makes Sacramento’s rental market so competitive and why having a property manager is key now more than ever.