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Pent-Up Demand Negates Impact of Record-High Apartment Deliveries in San Diego

There’s reason to believe San Diego is set to catch up. San Diego apartment deliveries hit a high in 2017, with a noticeable spike towards the end of the year.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Real Estate Investors Are Successful in San Antonio

If you’re thinking about investing in San Antonio real estate, you need to get to know the market and the opportunities.

Why Do Real Estate Investors Fail in the San Antonio Housing Market?

There’s a simple formula for success. So, why do so many San Antonio real estate investors fail? There are five key reasons. Learn more!

Why New Braunfels is Great for Real Estate Investors

Today, we’re talking to real estate investors about why buying a rental property in New Braunfels is such a great idea.

The Benefits of Owning a San Antonio Rental Property in a Military Town

Learn what a military presence can do in San Antonio and how this has an effect on an investment portfolio, and what the benefits are of owning a San Antonio rental property in a military town.

Top 3 Maintenance Issues Costing Investors Money with San Antonio Rental Property

When you’re renting out a home, you have to expect that there will be both routine and emergency maintenance issues to take care of.

What Is Considered a Maintenance Emergency for San Antonio Rental Properties?

Today, we are discussing maintenance emergencies in your San Antonio rental property and how you should respond.

What Do Property Management Companies Do for San Antonio Rental Properties

Discover all about some of the things that your San Antonio property management company should do for you, your residents, and your rental properties.

How to Find a San Antonio Rental Property

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll have more success when you take advantage of the resources and tools of a professional San Antonio property management company.

What Questions Should I Ask Before Signing a Lease in San Antonio?

Here are some of the things residents in San Antonio should ask and prepare for, whether they’re renting a home with Mynd or with another management company.