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Rental Housing Inventory Floods Seattle

Seattle’s booming economy is fueling new housing formation and record levels of rental housing construction.

How to Handle a Maintenance Emergency in your Seattle Rental Property

Do you know how to handle a maintenance emergency in your Seattle Rental Property? Unplanned emergencies are expensive, and time-consuming

Top 5 Reasons Investors are Successful in Seattle

We’re talking today about how to be a successful real estate investor in Seattle,and top five reasons that some investors are successful but others are not.

Top 3 Reasons Owners Will Fail Investing in Seattle

A common question is something many real estate investors fear. It involves failure. What we want to know is – why do investors fail?

How to Choose the Best Property Management Company in Seattle

Today, we are asking Enrique – as an investor – to tell us how he would go about choosing a property management company for his rental properties.

State of Mynd - Seattle Q4 2019

Discover why the Seattle rental housing market remains heated, with both domestic and foreign investors actively acquiring properties in the region.

New and Changing Seattle Renter Eviction Laws

Learn about a law that recently passed in the state of Washington, changing when a tenant can be evicted from a rental property, specifically at your Seattle rental property.

Repairs to Expect in My Seattle Rental Property

Repairs are a given when owning a Seattle property—especially when owning a rental property. From roofs to appliances, something will eventually need repair to keep your tenants safe and happy.

Changing Laws for Support Animals in Seattle

Many rental tenants in Seattle have and pay fees for having pets; however, new changes to federal law have the potential to change this fact completely.

The Top 3 Things to Look for in a Resident in the Seattle Area

Selecting a tenant for your Seattle area rental property can be one of the most important decisions a property owner can make, but it is not so easy as picking the best one.