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Why Should You Pay for a Tampa Property Management Company?

Explore the various reasons you could benefit from a Tampa, FL property management company running your investment rental home. From collecting rent to maintaining the unit to completing maintenance requests, a Tampa property manager could help you run your property more smoothly.

What's the Best Way to Pay Rent? Tampa Property Management Advice

Find out how your Tampa, FL rental property residents can pay rent on time, every single month! As a rental property owner, it is important to have systems in place to automate tasks and make them as easy as possible for your residents and team. The Mynd team is here to help you do that!

Question Every Renter Should Ask When Leasing a Tampa Rental Home

Find out what you should be asking when renting a home in Tampa, FL as a potential tenant. Your landlord should be prepared to have an open discussion with you, as a renter, and you should be prepared to ask the tough, but important questions.

Policies and Procedures for Handling Tampa Rental Property Emergencies

If you’re an investor in Tampa or thinking about purchasing a rental home in this market, you need to know how to identify and respond to maintenance emergencies. Learn about emergency guidelines, Tampa resident laws and more.

Keys to Success in the Tampa Real Estate Investment Market

It’s easy to be successful with Tampa rental properties. Today, we’re discussing some of the commonalities among investors who are successful in this market. Learn about using data, trends and various opportunities in the Tampa market.

How Do You Pick the Right Property Management Company in the Tampa Area?

If you’re an investor, you’ll need to know where to turn when you’re looking for reliable property management advice and resources.

Dos and Don'ts for Residents Looking to Rent a Home in Tampa

If you are looking to lease a rental property in Tampa, there are some right ways to rent a home and some wrong ways to rent a home. Find out today how you can find a Tampa rental property that fits your needs.

Different Things That Will Cost You Money on your Tampa Investment

Learn about the Tampa rental property costs you may encounter as an investment homeowner in the state of Florida. As an investor, we all know there are expenses that come with owning a rental home, read more about what those expenses could be.

Biggest Mistakes You Can Avoid as a Rental Real Estate Investor in Tampa

Learn about the issues and challenges that Tampa, FL real estate investors and landlords may experience and how you can avoid these mistakes. Some things to avoid include placing the wrong residents and choosing a rental property that does that work with your goals.

Should You Buy Phoenix Investment Property?

Get to know all about investment properties in Phoenix and why it may be a good rental property strategy for your investment goals, considering growth, timing and other variables when determining where to invest.