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The Fed Raised Rates: What Should Property Owners Do Now?

Read about the Federal Fund's Rate increased and how it will impact all borrowers that are looking to purchase or refinance a home or investment property.

Eliminating the Estate Tax, AMT and Most Personal Deductions - How Trump's Tax Reform Plan Will Affect Real Estate Investors (Part II)

In Part II of this three-part series, we break down the key components of the tax reform plan released last week by the Trump administration.

Fewer Tax Brackets and Lower Corporate Taxes - How Trump's Tax Reform Plan Will Affect Real Estate Investors (Part I)

In this 3-part guide, we provide a rundown of the proposed changes, as well as a recap of how we believe the changes may affect real estate investors.

10 Tax Deductions Often Overlooked by Landlords

Owning rental property isn’t always easy, but there are some serious tax advantages that come along with being a landlord. Yet surprisingly, most landlords don’t take full advantage of these tax benefits. Most write off standard tax deductions like mortgage interest, insurance and ordinary maintenance and repairs – and understandably, as these are the heavy hitters. But there are a number of other tax deductions that rental property owners either miss or don’t know about. Here are 10 tax deductions that are often overlooked by landlords.