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Fraud Warning Signs and How to Protect Yourself

Fraud in the rental housing market continues to take a major toll on property owners, residents and renters. While fraud has always been an issue, recent technology advancements have made it increasingly difficult for law enforcement professionals to tackle.

Fall Maintenance Task Checklist for Property Managers

As fall approaches, there are small and large maintenance tasks that should be completed. This rental property maintenance checklist will limit damage and keep your tenants happy. Learn more!

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Renters to Renew Their Lease

Find out how you, an investment property owner, can ensure your renters renew their lease at a rental property. By doing this, you can continue stead cash flow and save time trying to find new tenants. Learn more!

What's the Best Way to Pay Rent? Tampa Property Management Advice

Find out how your Tampa, FL rental property residents can pay rent on time, every single month! As a rental property owner, it is important to have systems in place to automate tasks and make them as easy as possible for your residents and team. The Mynd team is here to help you do that!

What Are Tenant & Landlord Responsibilities for Rental Properties in Nevada

Learn about which maintenance issues Nevada rental tenants are responsible for and which ones the property owner should take care of. Some of the common issues include lawn care, HVAC updates and irrigation systems. Learn more from the Mynd team today!

Questions Tenants Should Ask Before Leasing Rental Property in Reno

If you’re a resident in Reno looking for a new home to rent, there are lists of questions you should ask before you fill out an application or hand over a security deposit.

Question Every Renter Should Ask When Leasing a Tampa Rental Home

Find out what you should be asking when renting a home in Tampa, FL as a potential tenant. Your landlord should be prepared to have an open discussion with you, as a renter, and you should be prepared to ask the tough, but important questions.

How to Find the Best Rental Property in Reno Worth Your Investment

Learn how to find the best Reno rental property to fit your needs. If you’re a resident who is looking for the best way to find a rental property in Reno, we have some tips for you on how to do that.

Dos and Don'ts for Residents Looking to Rent a Home in Tampa

If you are looking to lease a rental property in Tampa, there are some right ways to rent a home and some wrong ways to rent a home. Find out today how you can find a Tampa rental property that fits your needs.

What Does a Reno Property Owner Do in Case of an Emergency

How to handle emergencies as they occur, and what options a property owner has in such a scenario.