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How to Prepare for a Real Estate Downturn

Investors that got into the market over the past 10 years have seen consecutive year-over-year growth. However, every time you turn on the news lately, you hear that a real estate recession is looming.

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Future of Real Estate

Technology is essential when it comes to managing properties efficiently in the 21st century. Savvy property managers depend on proprietary data and trends to create competitive advantages in the marketplace.

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WEBINAR: 5 Steps to Reduce Vacancies and Lease Your Property Faster

If you’re not filling vacancies fast, you’re losing money. Period. But how can you make your units stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive rental market?

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WEBINAR: 7 Creative Ways to Boost Rental Income at Your Investment Properties

From tax breaks to short-term rentals, there are many creative ways to boost rental income without breaking the bank. But what are they, and how do you start taking advantage of them?

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Webinar: Cobuying 101: How to Co-Buy Your Next Rental Property and Maximize Rental Returns

Ever thought of buying a rental property jointly with a friend, family member, partner or colleague? Historically, it has been an arduous task, due to complex regulations and legal considerations that many people fail to consider.


Webinar: How the Pros Buy and Manage Rental Properties

Technology is essential when it comes to managing properties efficiently in the 21st century. Savvy property managers depend on proprietary data and trends to create competitive advantages in the marketplace.

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Webinar: How to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio with Value Added Investments

Finding rental properties with untapped potential and rehabbing them is a quick way to turn real estate into cash. In such a competitive market, how can you find that diamond-in-the-rough property that will yield high returns? And once you find it, how should you structure the financing to make the process repeatable?

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Webinar: 21st Century Investments

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world; however, it’s been one of the slowest to adapt to new technology. But times have changed. Savvy investors are now using technology to make smarter decisions about their portfolio to drive better results.

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Webinar: How to Successfully Invest in Out-Of-State Properties

Do you want to grow your portfolio from 1-2 properties to 3-5 or beyond, but not sure where to start? Out-of-state investing might be the solution you’ve been looking for, and it’s easier than you think.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Jaime responded in a timely manner and the problem was resolved! Thank you.
cecelia anderson
cecelia A.
16:17 14 Dec 19
Laurence has been a really big help with responding to all of my requests in a timely manner & making sure to follow up after each has been handled to make sure everything went perfectly. He has been extremely patient with me and all of my fussing and I just want to show my appreciation for him and the company altogether. Thank you for all of your help and I hope they offer you a raise for your excellent show of customer service skills because you truly deserve it!
Rajha Wilson
Rajha W.
22:14 13 Dec 19
I needed my refrigerator looked at, it was dripping. Eduardo at Mynd got Steve from Maintenance right on it. Thanks to you both! Great job!
18:15 13 Dec 19
Laurence was was professional with get the task completed in a timely manner. He fixed everything perfectly and is a very polite person. Thank you for providing amazing service.
Antoinette Berry
Antoinette B.
12:08 13 Dec 19
I have been working with Mynd representative Jose Lemus for 3 years and wanted to share the great service he has helped my company to provide their tenants. Jose has shown a level of care and follow through helping tenants requests and partnering with me to get the job done right the first time for both owners and tenants. I highly recommend him as a property maintenance manager.
Jason Johnston
Jason J.
20:28 12 Dec 19
Ken was very professional and friendly. He adjusted my light fixture very quickly and efficiently. Thank you!
Ashley Williams
Ashley W.
19:51 12 Dec 19
Ken was very professional and friendly. He adjusted my light fixture very quickly and efficiently. Thank you!
Ashley Williams
Ashley W.
19:51 12 Dec 19
Thanks again!! CINDY MENDOZA at MYND!! Every time you surprise me with your solid solutions. So appreciate your efficient and kindly, knowledgeable style - with this kind of business - it is rare. But CINDY MENDOZA has the skills. Very happy with all your clear, easy to follow efforts in a very busy holiday time - Cindy gets down to basics and serves with good grace. Appreciate CINDY!
Karen Hogan
Karen H.
17:35 12 Dec 19
The heater stopped working, I called Mynd. Benjie the very best, kind, professional sent a technician to immediately fix it. Benjie you are an great asset to Mynd, Thank you and everyone involved.
sham gate
sham G.
23:44 11 Dec 19
I had an issue with my fridge for the longest. Laurence followed up with me the entire time making sure I knew step by step to each and every process. He made sure that I was satisfied with the final outcome. It was a pleasure working with him. Thank you we need more representatives with his excellent customer service...
Shaunik Stubblefield
Shaunik S.
20:25 11 Dec 19
Jamie is terrific. Very helpful and friendly. Quick to respond to any issues we have. 🙂
Paul and CJ Bordenkircher
Paul and CJ B.
18:56 11 Dec 19
Laurence is a rockstar! He has been on top of every maintenance request and/or other resident concerns. Response time is quick. Mynd Prop Mgmt seems to really care about resident satisfaction. They are very professional, knowledgeable, efficient & get the job done right the first time! Thank you Laurence for keeping this resident happy!
Rose S
Rose S
17:22 11 Dec 19
Laurence at MYND management was very helpful and able to get us the help we needed. We appreciated the professionalism and quick communication.
Angy Rodriguez
Angy R.
04:31 11 Dec 19
We had some maintenance service that needed to be done Mynd sent Ken over to work on the services he did an amazing job was very professional and friendly, we will keep requesting him whenever we need any maintenance done around the house! Definitely recommend Ken.👍
Erika Romero
Erika R.
01:51 11 Dec 19
Had a problem with broken shower handle and I couldn't stop water from running out. MYND"S service team got it taken care of within 24 hours. Good job!And thank you Jaime Cabrera for all your help resolving this.DOM
Domonic Ruggiero
Domonic R.
01:03 11 Dec 19
I had issues with my bank account and was late on a payment I talked to Nino Torres he removed my late fees and contacted me to check up great service and awesome customer service
Nacio A
Nacio A
21:03 10 Dec 19
Austin was very professional and helped resolve a difficult situation with superb attention to detail. I really enjoyed the timely communication - it gave me a sense that my concerns are being addressed in the best way possible. I would highly recommend Austin and commend him on a job well done. Thank you.
Lina Taylor
Lina T.
06:22 10 Dec 19
Ken with Mynd was outstanding, very helpful and promt
Kassy Baezies
Kassy B.
00:44 10 Dec 19
I have had a very pleasant experience with Mynd Property Management. I reached out to the support team when I needed a copy of the lease. Damn Wilson was quickly to respond and sent me the paperwork I needed. They were willing to work with me when there was some trouble with the rent payment. Thank you Dawn!
Jacqueline Ramos
Jacqueline R.
22:31 09 Dec 19
We have only recently started using Mynd but Laurence Infiesto has been on it and providing very quick communication around the issues we were experiencing in the property. The work was carried out on time and we are happy so far.
Christine Grinling
Christine G.
19:10 09 Dec 19

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