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How to Prepare for a Real Estate Downturn

Investors that got into the market over the past 10 years have seen consecutive year-over-year growth. However, every time you turn on the news lately, you hear that a real estate recession is looming.

Future of Real Estate

Technology is essential when it comes to managing properties efficiently in the 21st century. Savvy property managers depend on proprietary data and trends to create competitive advantages in the marketplace.

WEBINAR: 5 Steps to Reduce Vacancies and Lease Your Property Faster

If you’re not filling vacancies fast, you’re losing money. Period. But how can you make your units stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive rental market?

WEBINAR: 7 Creative Ways to Boost Rental Income at Your Investment Properties

From tax breaks to short-term rentals, there are many creative ways to boost rental income without breaking the bank. But what are they, and how do you start taking advantage of them?

Webinar: Cobuying 101: How to Co-Buy Your Next Rental Property and Maximize Rental Returns

Ever thought of buying a rental property jointly with a friend, family member, partner or colleague? Historically, it has been an arduous task, due to complex regulations and legal considerations that many people fail to consider.

Webinar: How the Pros Buy and Manage Rental Properties

Technology is essential when it comes to managing properties efficiently in the 21st century. Savvy property managers depend on proprietary data and trends to create competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Webinar: How to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio with Value Added Investments

Finding rental properties with untapped potential and rehabbing them is a quick way to turn real estate into cash. In such a competitive market, how can you find that diamond-in-the-rough property that will yield high returns? And once you find it, how should you structure the financing to make the process repeatable?

Webinar: 21st Century Investments

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world; however, it’s been one of the slowest to adapt to new technology. But times have changed. Savvy investors are now using technology to make smarter decisions about their portfolio to drive better results.

Webinar: How to Successfully Invest in Out-Of-State Properties

Do you want to grow your portfolio from 1-2 properties to 3-5 or beyond, but not sure where to start? Out-of-state investing might be the solution you’ve been looking for, and it’s easier than you think.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Katie Windsor is awesome professional and customer service is awesome
Bev Baker
Bev B.
16:43 15 Oct 19
My maintenance request for my microwave was answered immediately through email. They tried calling me over the phone but there was a problem so they knocked on my door. I'm very happy with how fast it got fixed and how professional the management is.
wisam kh
wisam K.
21:34 14 Oct 19
Katie Windsor in the yakima office has provided incdedible attention to every property owner she works with. In the last 4 years that I have worked with her I have been impressed with the care and concern she provides both owners, tenants and vendors. I would highly recomend her for any property owner that would like to maximize rental profits while removing the headache of managing themselves.
Jason Johnston
Jason J.
17:35 14 Oct 19
Katie was awesome to work with love mynd ty so much...
Jamey Hilton
Jamey H.
17:33 14 Oct 19
After having to wait a few days for a reply, I called and talked to Dawn Monday morning and she was able to take care of my issue and get back to me with what I needed in less than an hour. She was great, professional, and courteous.
Andrea Rodriguez
Andrea R.
17:28 14 Oct 19
Had my electrical problem fixed,Quick response,Everything works great ,Laurence did a great job!!thank you
19:09 13 Oct 19
Quick empathetic and informative responses from Adriana over at Mynd really appreciate you and the team thank you
Alex Hernandez
Alex H.
20:53 11 Oct 19
Mynd Property Management is a solid company. When a property has an issue, the property manager makes it a priority to resolve the issue! Two thumbs up for Jose and crew!
Rick Luna
Rick L.
05:26 10 Oct 19
Eduardo came out to fix my bathroom pipe under the sink. Turns out it was just loose. I felt bad about having him come out to look at it, but he reassured me that that's what he's here for: to help. So far, working with MYND on pretty much everything has been easy and we've had no issues. 🙂
Monique Negrete
Monique N.
05:14 10 Oct 19
Excellent work Laurence; repairs were done in the time scheduled! Thank you
Roger Curtis
Roger C.
16:50 08 Oct 19
Good job on service issues. Matias and Elgin did a great job. I wii report later on resolution of erroneous billing issues.
Richard Drewry
Richard D.
00:55 08 Oct 19
Recently moved in my new place and something needed to be fixed. Matias was super helpful and really funny. Loved the quick response time to our concerns also!
Ladedra Langley
Ladedra L.
01:30 07 Oct 19
Thank you Ana Escandor for helping our case and working fast and efficient getting in contact with the window repair man to get us in and out because winter is on the way. You guys always respond to any inquiry we have thank you
Rachel Rosalia
Rachel R.
15:09 04 Oct 19
Two years’ stay here. I have experience with 3 property company and Mynd is the best. Good servic, nice attitude, and quick response. I will specially thank Katherine Jansen who helped a lot. She is patient and always response quickly as she can to solve my problems.
nian jiang
nian J.
20:45 01 Oct 19
Overall satisfaction with the property and staff is positive. Quick response and very friendly people. They honored their words and offered me a good credit on my next rent payment due to a system malfunction. Overall I am happy.
Yana Santos
Yana S.
19:11 01 Oct 19
My fridge went out in the middle of the night and sent a service request. Amd needed my fridge fixed asap Eduardo was quick to get me the help I need and my fridge was fixed up the following the day. Amd now it works way better than it was before.
Wynonna Garcia
Wynonna G.
02:57 01 Oct 19
Earlier this year we purchased our first multi-family and contracted Mynd to manage the property. I am very pleased with the service our amazing team has provided us. Katie Windsor has been beyond helpful. She is very professional, courteous, and break the sound barrier responsive. Home run! Highly recommended full confidence. I'm so grateful I found them.
Kim Rosensprung
Kim R.
21:05 30 Sep 19
I have been having no luck finding an apartment in my area, I was looking for a 1 bedroom in my price range. Katie Windsor went out above and beyond to contact me with information on a listing that fit my needs perfectly. In my area a 1 bedroom apartment goes fast and she was so on top of it I was able to snag this awesome find. She listened to my needs and found an apartment that Is perfect for me. I would still be looking for an apartment if it wasn’t for Katie, thanks so very much!
Matthew Allen
Matthew A.
18:00 28 Sep 19
Working with Laurence Infiesto has been a absolute pleasure. His attention to detail and willingness to communicate promptly is everything I look for in a property manager. A very polite individual. Worked together with vendors in order to save time and money. A great person to have on staff. Two thumbs up!!
Standard Pest Management Arizona
Standard Pest Management A.
06:15 28 Sep 19
Hazel was amazing! Our power outage problem was solved by the vendor the same night.
Tess Soper
Tess S.
05:04 28 Sep 19

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