How to Grow Your Rental Property Portfolio from 1 to 100 Units

Investing in rental properties that yield positive returns is an excellent way to create wealth. In an ever-evolving financial landscape, how do you evaluate markets and properties with growth potential? And once you’ve done it once, how do you continue to do it to create a portfolio of revenue-generating properties?

Watch the recorded webinar featuring real estate investment expert Enrique Jevons, as he discusses how he built his real estate portfolio from 1 unit to over 100 units in less than a decade. He will share his proven investment playbook and provide step-by-step cash-generating strategies that you can use in any real estate market.

You’ll get insights into how to:

  • Evaluate properties to find the ones with the most potential.
  • Use rehab improvements to generate the highest ROI.
  • Execute deals using creative financing.
  • Find both cash-flowing and appreciation investment opportunities.
  • Use technology to reduce risk and create greater investment transparency.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the top investors on the West Coast.

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Enrique Jevons (Presenter) - Regional Director, Pacific Northwest

Enrique Jevons (Presenter)

Regional Director, Pacific Northwest

Mynd Property Management

Wendell Hunter (Moderator) - Marketing Campaigns Manager

Wendell Hunter (Moderator)

Marketing Campaigns Manager

Mynd Property Management