Ever thought of buying a rental property jointly with a friend, family member, partner or colleague? Historically, it has been an arduous task, due to complex regulations and legal considerations that many people fail to consider

.If this is something that interests you, join us on July 11 at 12 pm PST for a live webinar with two leading real estate investment experts. Matt Holmes, co-founder of CoBuy, and Scott Raymond, a regional business development partner at Mynd Property Management, will share proven tips for co-buying and managing your next rental property investment. They will share their expertise in minimizing your initial investment while maximizing your returns.

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  • How to responsibly partner with like-minded individuals to invest in real estate when you have a minimal amount of capital to invest
  • How to secure financing for your deal
  • How to create a partnership agreement that mitigates the risk for both parties
  • How to manage the property to increase cash flow and maximize equity

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from two leading real estate investment experts.

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Scott Raymond

Regional Business Development Partner
Mynd Property Management

Matt Holmes

Co-founder and CEO

Mynd in the Press

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