Finding rental properties with untapped potential and rehabbing them is a quick way to turn real estate into cash. In such a competitive market, how can you find that diamond-in-the-rough property that will yield high returns? And once you find it, how should you structure the financing to make the process repeatable?

Watch this webinar recording to hear from TVG Partner’s Stephen Schwartz and Pacific Shore Capital’s Krystle Moore as they discuss everything you need to know to start making value-added properties part of your real estate investment strategy. You’ll get insights into how to:

  • Evaluate value-added properties to find the ones with the most potential
  • Use rehab improvements to generate the highest ROI
  • Execute deals using creative financing
  • Find both cash-flowing and appreciation investment opportunities

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the top value-added investors on the West Coast.

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Stephen Schwartz

TVG Partner

Krystal Moore

Pacific Shore Capital

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