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How do I move out?

Please watch this video for a complete review of the process.

Provide notice of your intent to vacate through the Resident App or online Resident Portal at (see the category Notice to Vacate). Alternatively, you may email with your desired move-out date. Your Resident Services Manager will guide you through the required steps. If your lease is expiring soon or you’re on a month-to-month lease, you can provide notice at any time, but most leases do require 30 days advance notice before moving out. You’ll be responsible for rent during the period covered by the notice.

If your lease is not expiring soon and you wish to break your lease, contact us online through your Resident Portal at or email us at residents@mynd. Your Resident Services Manager will explain your options.

When you submit your notice to vacate, you will need to provide the following:

  • Your intended move out date
  • Your forwarding address (for after you move)

On move out day, you will need to:

  • Make sure you have paid all outstanding balances on your account
  • Stop any auto-payments you may have set up
  • Cancel any utilities in your name
  • Leave your home in the condition you received it (as verified by your original move-in inspection report), less any standard wear-and-tear
  • Send a photo of the location of all keys, access cards, and remotes that you were issued and to your Resident Services Manager (via either the Resident Portal or email at
  • For single-family homes, send a photo of the current state of the property landscaping to your Resident Services Manager (via either the Resident Portal or email at
  • Confirm via phone, text, or email that you have vacated the property

For additional information, review this document.