Mynd Property Management Names the 10 Most Popular Sacramento Zip Codes

Published: Feb 11, 2021

10 Most Popular Sacramento Zip Codes

A neighborhood in Midtown is one of the most sought-after among renters.

Mynd Property Management, a property management firm serving the small residential sector with a combination of on-the-ground experts and innovative technology, has released a list of the 10 most popular zip codes in the Sacramento area on its website.

A zip code that includes the eastern side of Midtown—95816—is the most popular on

Followed by 95822, a neighborhood in Southland Park/Hollywood Park; and 95841, a zip code near American River College.

“This list provides our investors with a wealth of information on where to invest in the Sacramento region,” explains Doug Brien, CEO and co-founder of Mynd Property Management.

“Based on interest from renters, we believe that these zip codes feature relatively high occupancy rates, healthy rental rates and other solid fundamentals that make them attractive submarkets for investing.”

Mynd uses big data and technology to help renters and residents find rental homes and assists property owners in managing and acquiring rental properties. For this study, Mynd ranked five different factors to arrive at its list of the most popular zip codes among renters.

They include:

1) the number of page views for each zip code

2) the number of applications in each zip code

3) the number of showings in each zip code

4) the number of prospects interested in rentals in each zip code

5) the number of listings available in each zip code.

Here’s the list of the 10 most popular Sacramento area zip codes on

195816 Eastern side of Midtown

295822 South Land Park, Hollywood Park

395841 Near American River College

495825 Sierra Oaks Vista, Morse Glen Estates, Exeter Square

595814 Downtown, Alkali Flats

695691 West Sacramento

795817 North Oak Park, Central Oak Park, Fairgrounds

895608 Carmichael

995818 Land Park/Sacramento City College

1095811 Downtown

Source: Mynd Property Management “Mynd operates manages over 9,000 rental properties nationwide, and demand for rental housing among renters has soared in Sacramento partially due to an exodus of renters from the Bay Area to this more affordable region,” says Brien.

About Mynd Property Management

Mynd Property Management serves the small residential real estate sector with a combination of on-the-ground experts and innovative technology that empowers investing in any market in the U.S. Headquartered in Oakland, Calif., Mynd manages over 9,000 units in 16 markets and offers small residential rental properties for sale in 20 metro areas. Mynd’s end-to-end management and real estate investment solution is powered by INVESTimate, a home-valuation tool that determines the investment potential of any home in the United States using AI and machine learning.

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