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Acquisition Case Study

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Case Study:

Mynd officially entered the San Diego market in the fall of 2017 after acquiring Pacific Shore Management (). 's owners, Krystle Moore and Kenny Simpson were not initially looking to sell but after an introduction from Vince and a built relationship, they chose to sell. Krystle and Kenny wanted to stay close to the operations after the acquisition to maintain the relationships with their owners. Thus, they decided to stay onboard with Mynd after the acquisition. Read on as Krystle and Kenny share their experience of the partnership:

Vince approached us about the opportunity of Mynd coming in and acquiring our company. After he and his team sat down with us and showed us how we can make the property management experience better for tenants, owners and our employees, we jumped aboard. We decided that also staying on in some capacity was best for us and our clients. Vince was so professional, proactive and always seemed to have the best interest for both sides. If not for Vince and his tenacity, I don’t know if we would have ever sold our company, we were not in the market to sell, but Vince made it happen.

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