It’s a new week… and, seemingly, a new world. So — we’ve got a new (and very fresh) episode for you… with a twist on our usual format. On Tuesday, March 17, Ashley and Felipe sat down with Joe Asamoah and Steve Rozenberg, VP of Investor Education at Mynd Property Management, to discuss the topic on everyone’s mind: the COVID-19 outbreak and its inevitable impact on real estate investors. Think of it as a virtual coaching session with two seasoned, successful investors who have withstood several downturns and lived to tell about it.

Joe and Steve have a combined 50 years of experience under their belts, so they offer a valuable perspective to younger or less experienced investors — our fearless co-hosts included — who haven’t yet seen a full real estate cycle. This episode covers it all — from the mindset successful investors use to accelerate wealth-building through downswings, to the shifting competition you’re likely to face, to how to whip your finances into shape and secure lines of credit BEFORE you need them. Plus — Joe breaks down how renting to Section 8 voucher holders can be a lifeline during a recession (assuming you do a few things exactly right), and Steve shares his tips for designing systems and checklists (he’s a pilot after all!) so you can think clearly… even when you’re steering into economic headwinds. This episode is GOLD for investors on the hunt for their first, second, or third deal in 2020…

Stay safe, everyone!

Check the full show notes here:

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