How Can San Antonio Renters Properly Prepare for a Disastrous Event or Emergency?

Published: Oct 19, 2020

San Antonio residents need to be prepared for any potential emergency at their property or on a larger scale, and today we want to help with some tips and advice on how to stay calm and plan for the worst. Whether you’re living in a property managed by Mynd Property Management or you’re in another home or unit across the San Antonio area, we’re here to support you and offer resources and information.

Understand the Definition of an Emergency

First things first, you have to make sure you’ll know it’s an emergency when you see it. We recommend that residents familiarize themselves with the parts of the Texas Property Code that pertain to rental properties. There, you’ll find the legal definition of an emergency, and you’ll know what it means for you when you’re living in a San Antonio rental home.

As a resident, you can keep yourself safe by knowing what an emergency looks like and who to call.

Contact the Right People and Professionals

When an emergency occurs, make sure you know who to call.Call your property manager and not the property owner. If the house is on fire, call 9-1-1 first. Get the proper emergency response authorities in place before you make your additional phone calls. The idea is to get the recovery and prevention process started as soon as possible. If the house is on fire, the property manager should not be your first phone call. But, once the fire department is on the way and you are safely out of the home, you can focus on the next calls you need to make.

Familiarize Yourself with Your San Antonio Rental Property

Another good way to prepare for an emergency is to know everything there is to know about your rental home.

If you know where the shut-off valves are for water and natural gas, you can prevent further damage from getting into your home. Ask your landlord or your property manager where to find the gas shut off line and the water line. You’ll want to know how to access the circuit breaker panels. These things should be obvious to you now because during the emergency, you don’t want to go searching for them. You want to make sure you know how to find them.

In fact, you could even do a tour of the home every six months to remind yourself how to find these important things.

When you live in an apartment building or a multi-family complex, know the closest exists in the building.

You may need to escape if there’s a danger or an emergency within the building. If the house is on fire or a hurricane comes through, make sure you know where the exits are because you’ll be thinking quickly.

Gather All Your Necessary Contact Information

You also have to know where your hospitals are. You need to have phone numbers for the CDC and Poison Control and the Health Department. This information needs to be on hand and easily accessible. Put the contacts on your refrigerator and in your cell phone. When you need this information, you may not be able to get to it right away. If you can immediately speed dial plumbers and property managers and other first responders, you’re going to be safer and more prepared.

Let a family member know those numbers too in case you’re incapacitated or not at home.You’ll also need your insurance information and your own emergency contacts saved. If you have an insurance card, a passport, a driver’s license, or your social security card, you need digital copies of them as well. If there’s an emergency, you might not be able to get back to your property for a while. Having it accessible in an electronic form will help.As a resident, you should be prepared to:

Identify the emergency.

Know who to callKnow how to shut off water and gas and how to leave the building.

Gather important numbers and emergency contacts.Scan and upload all your important information so you can access it.

Finally, make sure you’re in constant communication and stay informed.

It’s important to be aware and to communicate properly with your San Antonio property manager. This is the key in an emergency situation.We’re here to help if you’re a San Antonio resident looking for more information and additional resources on preparing for an emergency. Contact us at Mynd Property Management.

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