You might think to sell air filters or maintenance scheduling software might not be all that exciting, but that is because you haven’t talked with Drea and Ruth yet!

These two energetic, enthusiastic go-getters have a gift for turning contacts into sales. Neither had prior experience in the property management industry, yet they soaked in all the information they could get their hands on and used this knowledge to up their sales game.

Learn how they humanize their brands with their constant presence on social media and at conferences. Their confidence in their products and the knowledge that they are positively changing customers’ lives results in sales. Learn what is in their sales tool kits, what they do daily to become effective brand ambassadors, and how they continually learn and improve.


Drea Poole of Property Meld which was designed to make the experience of maintenance pleasant while delivering excellent customer service.

Ruth Rossbach of Filter Easy and air filter delivery service.

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