Steve and Jason discuss the importance of screening tenants and what to consider in this process.

– What items are important to look at in the screening process to ensure you are getting a quality tenant in your home?
– What can you ask about during a screening?
– What questions are off limit in order to comply with Fair Housing laws?
– Why is screening worth the cost?
– How important are adverse action letters and procedures for denial?
– Do you know the laws enough to make that decision yourself?
– How do you best protect your owner during the screening process?
– The importance of sticking to your application process every single time

Jason with ACUTRAQGuest: Jason Waggoner, Vice President of Sales at ACUTRAQ

For Over 20 Years, ACUTRAQ Has Been The Leader In Background Screening Solutions. We Have Helped Hundreds Of Top-Flight Companies And Thousands Of SMBs To Call The Right Decision
Our proven system accurately reports on the credit, criminal, and eviction history of tenants and potential employees with less than a 0.01% error rate.

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