Jessica Rhodes, Founder and Co-Owner at Interview Connections, discusses her growth from a one-person operation to a staff of twelve.

Jessica invented the podcast guest booking industry. When she started booking podcast interviews for private clients in 2013, there were no other services like it in the market. Her team continues to innovate and uplevel the service they offer, Unlike most other podcast bookers who will only pitch you to contacts they already have in their database, Interview Connections Booking Agents will prioritize the best shows and guests possible for you and your goals, regardless of whether or not we have an existing relationship.

Jessica discusses:

  • How having a business coach at the beginning helped
  • Struggles of running a business on your own
  • How adding a partner with different skills sets helped the business grow
  • How she used VAs at first and eventually transitioned into full-time staff.
  • The importance of KPIs and systems/procedures for growth.

Watch the Podcast Here

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