Have you checked out The MYNDful Investor? It’s a gold mine for rental property owners –packed with insights, tips and how-to’s you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you own property in Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, Alameda, or elsewhere in the East Bay, The MYNDful Investor has got you covered on best practices, compliance updates, and valuable recommendations around property management. Find exclusive op-ed pieces from our leadership team and other industry experts, and get the inside scoop on the latest studies, research, and trends. You’ll also be able to stay on top of important East Bay rent control regulations and understand how it affects your overall return.

That’s not all. Our handy blog delivers the latest stories on the East Bay rental property scene and what’s going on in your area. Stay informed so you’re better equipped to maintain high-performing rental properties, and if applicable, grow your investment portfolio. We’re all about knowledge sharing and adding resources to help you become a savvier property owner.

Why You Should Mynd Your Business

Here at Mynd, we’re transforming the traditional model of property management. By integrating technology to enhance every touch point of the management process, we’re able to manage properties far more efficiently to improve your bottom line.

We’ve got a team of stellar property managers who are committed to providing the highest quality of service and care available. With over 50+ years of combined management experience, our trusted team knows what it takes to succeed. We listen. We have the utmost respect for our property owner partners and tenants. We value our relationships. We trailblaze. Our end-to-end services are powered by the industry’s first mobile-focused solution to simplify the property management experience. If there’s one thing we’re passionate about, it’s real estate. What we’re doing to progress the industry forward has never been done before, and we’re only getting started. It’s a thrilling new era for property management.

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