Mynd Launches Real Estate Educational Events Series

Published: Oct 14, 2020

We’ve got so many exciting things brewing here at Mynd, we can hardly contain ourselves. From growing our team to 40 individuals in 10 short months to launching our first live educational event, there’s a lot to be fired up about. The best part? We’re just getting started.

Events Series

Our first educational event, Increase Profits: Tech’s Impact on Real Estate & Property Management, was focused on real estate market trends in the Bay Area, how technology trends are shaping the industry, and understanding how to find good investment deals while mitigating risk. We welcomed 55 attendees to take part in the discussion and hear from our guest speakers – four real estate pioneers: Doug Brien and Colin Wiel, Co-CEOs and Co-Founders of Mynd and formerly of Waypoint Homes; Damian Manolis, Head of US Transactions for Prudential Real Estate Investors; and James Kilpatrick, President of NAI Northern California and President of Lakeside Investment Company.


The presentation started with James Kilpatrick, who outlined the residential real estate landscape of San Francisco Bay Area and its outlook. Damian Manolis presented next, offering a more macro-economic view of the market while tying that perspective back to James’ Bay Area market forecast. Colin provided some enthusiastic commentary on technology’s rapid advancements – like the development of 5G and self-driving cars – its impact on real estate, and how this impact might be changing the way we live and operate. Finally, Doug presented the story of how and why Mynd was born – following their experience with Waypoint Homes – and how data will be the driving force behind Mynd’s success.Following the presentation, guests were encouraged to stay and enjoy a gorgeous amuse-bouche spread while meeting and networking with our speakers. It was incredibly humbling to see our guests and speakers sharing their stories and experiences with each other, and it was clear to see that a passion for real estate investing was a common affinity in the room.

blueberry -chevre

We want to thank all our guests for attending Mynd’s first educational event and making it a huge success. We were able to gather some valuable feedback after the event and will be applying what we’ve learned to future events and webinars. It’s our mission to make our educational events as beneficial and informative as possible by bringing industry experts and experienced professionals to share their knowledge and insights. Stay tuned for more!

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