Mynd Property Management Launches COVID-19 Rental Housing Tracker

Published: Apr 12, 2021
Last Modified on 09/27/2020

The tool provides a weekly snapshot on the state of the U.S. rental housing market.

Mynd launches covid 19 rental housing tracker

Mynd Property Management, a full-service, tech-enabled real estate investment and management firm serving the small residential sector, today launched the COVID-19 Rental Housing Tracker as part of its COVID-19 Situation Room. 

By leveraging technology, the Rental Housing Tracker provides a weekly snapshot on the performance of single-family rental homes and small apartment buildings nationwide. 

Mynd tracks a variety of metrics across 15 markets including:

  • Delinquencies
  • leases signed
  • pending move-outs

This data empowers real estate investors and property owners to make data-driven investment and management decisions.

“To help everyone in the rental housing sector during this crisis, we launched the COVID-19 Situation Room on our website. The Situation Room includes in-depth resources, including news stories, blogs and a real-time pulse on the state of the small residential sector – the COVID-19 Rental Housing Tracker," explains Doug Brien, CEO and co-founder of Mynd Property Management.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives, including how our residents are living while sheltering-in-place, how renters find housing and sign new leases completely online, and how we acquire and manage real estate," says Brien.

The Rental Housing Tracker includes metrics on properties in Atlanta, the Bay Area, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Reno, Sacramento, San Antonio, Southern California, Tucson and Washington State.

The Future of Real Estate

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of the U.S. economy, including the rental housing sector. "Record levels of unemployment and continued delinquencies have prompted lawmakers to introduce housing reforms, rent forgiveness, affordable housing legislation and more nationwide."

Now more than ever, investors need a trusted management resource with in-depth local market knowledge, and insight on property management best practices as the rental housing market continues to feel the impacts of the coronavirus," says Brien.

Providing Access to Additional Resources for Those Impacted by COVID-19

In addition to keeping a pulse on rental housing market conditions, Mynd will also be doing their best to keep its residents safe, happy and protected. 

To that end, the company recently partnered with the Resident Relief Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides rental assistance grants to help residents pay rent during emergencies. So far, Mynd employees have donated more than $6,000 out of their own pockets in the midst of the crisis.

Mynd will match employee donations up to $10,000.

Mynd also partnered with Bombas Socks and Bay Area Community Services to provide clothing for those in need. Through the end of April, Mynd donated more than 3,000 socks worth over $35,000 to homeless shelters. During this crucial time of need, Bay Area Community Services was able to donate all 3,000 socks in the period of two weeks.

About Mynd Property Management

Mynd Property Management serves the small residential real estate sector with a combination of on-the-ground experts and innovative technology that empowers investing in any market in the U.S. Headquartered in Oakland, Calif., Mynd manages 8,000 units in 15 regions and offers small residential rental properties for sale in 20 metro areas.

Mynd’s end-to-end management and real estate investment solution is powered by INVESTimate, a home-valuation tool that determines the investment potential of any home in the United States using AI and machine learning.

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