Roseville Rental Property Leasing and Housing Laws and Regulations

Published: Oct 08, 2020
Last Modified on 10/8/2020

How long does it take to lease your property in Roseville California?

Cindy Brilla, Mynd Property Management's Portfolio Manager in Roseville, CA, says that the company averages 30 days for a property to go from rent ready () to occupancy.

What is happening during the 30 days?

Where do you find potential tenants for my Roseville property?

Normally there is an existing pool of residents looking for a property in Roseville, CA, but our marketing also reaches out to neighboring cities such as Citrus Heights and Sacramento.

Roseville is an attractive option for people that are looking for more of a suburban area to live. Someone working in downtown Sacramento might prefer to live in a suburban area like Roseville where they can easily commute back and forth.

Downtown and Midtown Sacramento properties can often rent faster than properties in the suburbs, but this really depends on the market and who is looking to relocate outside of the city.

find potential tenants for my property

Does your home have attractive features renters are looking for?

  • What is your yard like?
  • What is the square footage of the home?
  • Do you have the number of bedrooms/bathrooms people are looking for most?
  • What amenities do you have?

Certain feature combinations will get more attention than others, so that can be a factor in the time to lease.

Having the features people want can help your property rent faster

  • Laundry facilities: Having a washer/dryer inside the home is going to be an advantage over a shared laundry facility or none at all. Laundry facilities can be an important deciding factor for some potential tenants.
  • HVAC: Central air in a new home is going to be preferable over an older home with window units and ceiling fans.
  • Age and Yard Size: Is your home in a newer, modern area with a small yard or located in an older suburb with a bigger yard?
  • What is nearby: Are there parks nearby? Neighborhood amenities available? Shopping nearby?
  • Parking: What type of parking is available at the property?
  • Do You Allow Pets? Read our article 3 Reasons to Make Your Rental Property Pet-Friendly Now

All of these features and amenities factor into a decision of which home someone decides to rent, so having a desirable combination of amenities is going to help rent your property faster.

Don’t forget that you must also carefully follow all the laws and regulations for the area.

Rental Property Laws and Regulations in Roseville CA

What are the most important laws and regulations an investor in the Roseville market should understand?

As an investor in California, you need to be aware that the state is currently under rent control. You also need to be aware of the usual codes for safety and habitability in your home.

Roseville is a newer subdivision area on the outskirts of the Sacramento market.  When it comes to selecting tenants, you need to be familiar with the ever-changing laws regarding qualifications and fair housing.

Resources for laws and regulations regarding rental property

Your best resource for the current laws and regulations are the various state and federal fair housing websites.  

  • California’s fair housing website is just straight  across the board all the same rules and regulations for any rental home that you own in California.
  • The HUD website lists all the occupancy standards and processes in regards to fair housing discrimination.
  • Mynd Property Management’s staff are all trained on the current laws and regulations, so we are a great resource as well.

Some laws have to do with marketing the property and tenant screening

There are laws and regulations that have to do with how you advertise your property, how you handle applications, etc.

Housing Discrimination Laws

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing is responsible for enforcing state fair housing laws that make it illegal to discriminate because of the categories listed in the section “Who is Protected?”. 

The law applies to:

  • landlords
  • real estate agents
  • home sellers
  • builders
  • mortgage lenders
  • and others

The law prohibits discrimination in all aspects of the housing business, including:

  • renting or leasing
  • sales
  • mortgage lending and insurance
  • advertising
  • practices such as restrictive covenants
  • new construction.

Visit the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing for more information.

laws and regulations Roseville property

Laws and regulations about keeping your property habitable

There are rules and regulations that you, the property owner, must comply with when it comes to fixing things that are broken.

If you have an A/C unit or water heater that isn’t working, it is important to know what the time limits are to respond to these types of maintenance issues.  There are rules and regulations on what you must do as a property owner to maintain the property in a habitable condition.

Laws and regulations about keeping your property habitable

Hire a Property Manager that knows the Laws and Regulations

Cindy has 27+ years’ experience in the property management industry and strives to build strong owner relationships supported with the most current industry knowledge to provide the most profitable experience.  If you are looking to purchase an investment property in Roseville CA, have questions about local regulations and laws, or thinking about hiring a property manager, contact Cindy.

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