What Does A Property Management Company Do in Carson City NV?

Published: Aug 01, 2020

What should you be looking for in a Carson City property management company and what questions should you be asking to make sure you are a good fit? What updates can you make on your property to increase its curb appeal?

Property management companies in Carson City NV should provide management services that include:

Maintenance requests

This includes preventative maintenance, emergency maintenance requests, home renovations, and getting the home rent ready. You will want to ask questions about their ability to provide vendors for these types of jobs.

Resident screening and placement.

This includes marketing the property to find tenants, screening tenants, getting a lease signed, overseeing the move-in process, and collecting rent.

Management of Owner income and expenses

The company’s accounting department will take the money coming in for rent and allocate it towards any outstanding maintenance bills or other expenses.  Funds are then dispersed to the owner.  Typically, the owner can login to a portal for reports on where the money is going and to find out what they can expect to receive.


This is an important service to owners who will not want to try to handle this on their own due to the ever-changing laws involved.

The property management company will cover all communications and processes regarding the eviction and ensure all laws are followed.  Because laws that have to do with evictions change constantly, you want to make sure you are getting a true partner that is looking out for you and is familiar with the local laws.

Property manager in Carson City, NV giving keys to tenants

The company’s business model should align with your goals.

Are the Carson City rental properties they typically manage like yours? If you have a high-end rental, you probably don’t want to choose a company that mostly manages low end property. That probably is not a good fit as the expectations of the tenants may be quite different.

Ask questions. There are no stupid questions in property management

Knowing the right questions to ask when you are shopping for a property management company in Carson City NV is key. Don’t be afraid to ask about specific things you have had issues with in the past. What has scared you off from using a property management company? Bring those issues up and get your questions answered.  If they can’t make you feel secure that they are looking out for your interests, find another company.


Here is a list of questions you might want to ask:

Think of hiring a property management company like hiring a business partner. You want to screen them and know that you are a good fit to work together. Being the first to answer their phone or being the cheapest is not the way to pick your partner. Getting answers to your questions is the best way to find a good match for your investing goals.

Is your Carson City Rental Property Ready for Leasing Season?

Now that you have found your property management company, is your property ready to list?

The prime rental season in Carson City, NV is between the months of April and September. Although properties do rent throughout the slower winter months, it is best to market your rental property during the prime months to get the highest return on your investment.

Carson City is seeing an increase in rent rates

Higher rent rates also come with more demands and expectations from renters for properties that are up to date. Anything you can do to update or renovate your property will help it rent faster. Offering a quality property at the right price point is going to make the difference in finding a quality tenant quickly.

Because it only takes 14-21 days to rent out a property, Seily recommends that property owners have their property rent-ready before listing it so it is more desirable. If your home has a musty, closed-in smell, you want to take some steps to make the home smell fresh. A new coat of paint and clean carpets can make the home more inviting.

Quick updates you can do to improve curb appeal

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint inside
  • Weed and plant as needed to clean up the landscaping
  • Update light fixtures
  • Repair or replace flooring
  • A fresh coat of paint on the front door
  • Clean or paint the mailbox
  • Add a new layer of mulch in flower beds
  • Trim hedges
  • Clean the kitchen sink disposal.  Note you can run a vinegar/baking soda solution in it to get rid of any odors that might be coming from the disposal.
  • Repair or replace damaged window screens
  • Clear dead plants or shrubs
  • Trim trees if needed.
  • Clean or replace blinds as needed.
  • Check the driveway and walkways for cracks. Remove any weeds growing and reseal them.
  • Power wash the home or driveway
  • Wash the walls if you are not going to paint. This can help eliminate odors and make the house smell fresh.

First impressions matter. You only get one chance to impress potential tenants, so it is critical that you take the time to make sure the home looks inviting, clean, and well-maintained.

The property should be in the condition you expect it to be returned in

The condition of the property sets the bar for the expectations you have for the tenant to keep it that way. If the property looks poorly-maintained, the tenant is going to assume that is the level they are expected to keep it at.  If there is trash in the yard, they will assume this is acceptable.  For this reason, it is important to offer the property to the tenant in the condition that you expect to get it back in.


The little things matter. Turn the lights on and open the blinds so the home looks sunny and inviting.

Looking for a Carson City property manager for your rental home?

Mynd Property Management has a team of local professionals that leverage real-time data to consistently better their services, providing owners with seamless management experience. If you own properties in multiple markets, you may prefer to use a company like Mynd that has offices in several markets so you know you are getting the same level of service regardless of the city or state your property is located in.


Contact Seily today about Mynd’s full-service, results-oriented property management in Carson City NV.

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