Why Should I Invest in Rental Properties in Tracy, CA?

Published: Aug 13, 2020

Why is Tracy, CA a great area for purchasing rental property?  What rules and regulations apply to you as a landlord in the area? Dive into the various reasons to understand why Tracy may be a market that could align with your investment goals and strategies. And, if you purchase a home here, learn about what regulations will you need to adhere to. 

Investing in an area with consistent growth is ideal for investors

The Tracy and grater California area is a great investment as prices are continuously going up as well as consistent population swell.  There is a lot of migration going on with people moving out of the city and into the suburbs. Investing outside of the San Francisco area, you still receive the benefits of being in an area that continues to grow and boasts one of the best economies in the US.  The appreciation is high and investment property  in the area offers investors a high rental income.

Tracy property management

About the Tracy CA area

Samantha Bettencourt, Mynd’s Property Manager in Tracy, CA, says people are looking outside the city for more affordable housing and are willing to commute for it. Tracy is a quaint, up and coming area that has been seeing a lot of improvements. The area offers access to public transportation in about 20-30 min drives and a good selection of nice places to live.

“Tracy offers a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. The City of Tracy hosts numerous festivals and community events throughout the year, as well as live theater, art shows and music concerts. We are an enthusiastic supporter of arts. From Tracy it is an easy drive to recreation hot-spots like the Bay Delta, Yosemite, Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay.”
- www.ci.tracy.ca.us

The barrier to entry in Tracy is going to be lower than purchasing in the city.

Tracy is a great place for investors to look. There are only so many houses you can fit in the San Francisco Bay area, so people are spreading out to the suburbs. These areas are going to see consistent growth in the future. If you are an investor looking for a property that is going to appreciate over time, Tracy should be added to your list of markets to look at. Most people in the area do commute into the city by car, but there are train options in cities nearby. 

If you are interested in investing in the area or are looking for Tracy property management services, Mynd is here to help. We are in 19 markets across the country, so we can offer you the same level of service regardless of where you invest.  If you are an out-of-town investor looking to add a property in a new market, our property managers know the rental market well and are available to help you find a deal that fits your investment strategy

What Rules and Regulations Apply to My Rental Property in Tracy?

What landlord laws and regulations should you be aware of? 

City and county websites are a great resource for laws, regulations, and ordinances that apply to landlords. Doing extensive research on the laws you need to follow is required of all investors. 

Laws that apply to landlords include Tracy’s local city laws, State of California Rules and Regulations, and Federal laws such as Fair Housing and Discrimination laws.  Your county and city  websites should have current information on any local laws, ordinances, or regulations that you need to comply with. 

Keeping up with all the changes is time-consuming and may require that you read through websites frequently, listen to webinars, and attend seminars to stay current on the latest legislation. 

  • Local laws and regulations which may include city-wide rent control laws and property code that protects your residents.
  • State of California laws and regulations
  • Federal laws and regulations such as Fair Housing and Discrimination laws
  • Laws regarding service animals and emotional support animals

Your job as an investor is to be responsible and follow the laws

Spending your free time pouring over legislation to learn what governing agencies are changing from week to week might not sound like something you are interested in doing. Your time is important. 

What do you do when you come across a law that overrides another one? What if there are two laws that conflict with each other?

Hire a Property Manager in Tracy

After contemplating all the work involved in keep up with the laws you need to follow, hiring a property manager to handle that might sound like a better choice. Your property manager knows the laws and keeps up to date on changes, so you don’t have to. This could save you many hours a month in time.

Mynd property management is ready to be your strategic partner. If you are looking for investment property or for  property management in Tracy, we are here to help you succeed.  We offer a FREE rental analysis of your current rental property, so give us a call today. 

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