San Diego


Hard Rock Hotel

207 5th Ave, San Diego, CA

March 5, 2019

12:00pm (Lunch will be provided)

Featured Presentation

Future of Real Estate

Doug Brien

Super Bowl Champion & Real Estate Investor
Co-Founder MYND Property Management

How the Pros Buy & Manage Rental Property

Bruce May

Lender from Trillion Capital

Terry Moore

Investor/ Broker

Aaron Taylor

NFL Veteran/ Sports Commentator/ Investor

Rosie Cooper

JPI Companies Developer

Krystle Moore

Broker/Owner Pacific Shore Capital

State of the San Diego Market

Joshua Ohl

Analyst from CoStar

What You’ll Learn

Maximize Your<br />
Net Operating<br />

Maximize Your
Net Operating

Grow Your<br />
Real Estate<br />

Grow Your
Real Estate

State of<br />
the Market<br />

State of
the Market

A Taste of MAX NOI

“Tenant demand for technology and other practical amenities is increasing everywhere, particularly in our urban locations. MAX NOI has been integral in both brainstorming new technology solutions / amenities and cost-effective implementation.”

Brian A. Chuck
Investor & Managing Principal, Calvera Partners, LLC


Who should attend MAX NOI?
  • Current Property Owners
  • Future Property Owners
  • Real Estate Agents & Brokers
  • Lenders
What topics are covered?
  • Current and Future Market Analysis: Economist will analyze markets that are ripe for investment. Learn about expected cap rates, returns, rental rates and the overall investment climate.
  • Investment strategies for today’s market: See how successful investors are deploying capital and the strategies they have found to be the most successful.
  • Remote Investing: Connect with the right people who will provide the tips needed to invest outside of where you live.
  • Real Estate Syndicates and Investment Groups: Learn how to create a partnership or join a group, all while protecting your investment interest.
  • Finding and Evaluating Deals:  Find out what to look for and how to ensure your deal meets your investment criteria.
  • Securing Capital: Gather specific details about getting the money you need to successfully close real estate deals.
  • Short Term and Corporate Rentals: How to increase your NOI by utilizing innovative strategies that yield high returns.
  • Grow Your Portfolio:  If you’re at 10 units and want to get to 20, we’ll help you get there.
  • Building an A-Team: You cannot do it alone! Leverage your strengths and supplement them with the expertise of other professionals.
  • Manage Like the Pros: Gain insider’s perspective on what the top real estate managers are doing so that you can  begin executing today.
Why you should attend MAX NOI

The key to being a successful real estate investors hinges upon having the latest, most up-to-date data, analysis and information. Practitioners align to present distilled information that is actionable. Excellent opportunity for current and prospective rental property owners for networking, professional services and to discover the latest in proptech.