The Future of Single Family Rentals:
How to Identify the Next Emerging Market

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Inside Info From Industry Leading Experts

Doug Brien

Mynd Co-founder & CEO

Rory Golod

President, Compass NY

Carol Galante

Professor and Faculty Director, UC Berkeley

Daniel Geiger

Moderator, Real Estate Correspondent

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The anecdotes about lines for open houses going around the block and dozens of cash offers over asking prices for homes on the market merely confirm what the data shows: the American housing market is facing an epic shortage, with the country some 3.8 million single-family homes shy of demand.

The buying frenzy has been exacerbated by a flight from urban centers by pandemic-weary apartment dwellers looking for more space, a construction industry that has underbuilt for the past decade, and developers who are coping with lumber prices that have skyrocketed in the last year, and increases in costs of materials like steel, drywall and other building materials.

Where does this leave real estate investors in the exploding single-family rental market? In this live event, Mynd brings together leading voices to discuss where there is still substantial opportunity, and what the best analysis tells us the future likely holds.
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