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When an offboard is initiated, what is Mynd responsible for handling?

  • Disconnecting all utility services in Mynd’s name, if applicable
  • Canceling any applicable recurring and contract services (e.g. lawn care, snowplow, common area maintenance, pool service, etc.)
  • Stopping mortgage, taxes, insurance, HOA payments
  • Notifying residents of the upcoming transition and provide them with new PM information prior to the management termination date
  • Discontinuing marketing efforts on vacant properties effective immediately
  • Sending a link to a shared folder that will contain property and resident documents
  • Coordinating the handoff of keys
  • Requesting final invoicing for services rendered to date
  • Completing the turn, if already in process and enough funds are present in the operating account (unless directed otherwise)
  • Sending the security deposit to owner for resident move-out processing

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