Mynd Gives You a Repair and Maintenance Warranty

Fluctuating repair and maintenance costs at your property can cause major anxiety. The uncertainty associated with these costs is one of the most difficult aspects of owning rentals.

Not to worry! We eliminate high-priced invoices for good with our industry-leading Repairs and Maintenance Warranty. For a pre-arranged amount, we fix whatever goes wrong at your property, whether it costs $5 or $5,000 to repair. Just pay us the same amount every month, and we remove the pricing ebbs and flows with one constant, monthly fee.

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Benefits you can count on

  • A fixed, monthly R&M bill that never fluctuates
  • Guaranteed repairs on big-ticket interior items
  • A tech-enabled “warranty” for R&M
  • Complete confidence in your property manager

What Our Clients Are Saying

05:28 14 Jul 20
Enzo was awesome! He was extremely courteous, professional, and informative. He answered my questions thoroughly. I had an issue with booking a couple of self-tours. He remedied the issue promptly. When unable to find a lockbox, he patiently assisted me with locating it. He even pronounced my legal name correctly. 🙂 He seemed genuinely happy to help. I hope to speak with him again, as I am still in search of a home that will be a perfect more
Traci Henzel
Traci H.
01:43 12 Jul 20
As always - very professional. Lawrence I. did a follow up two days after our air was fixed to make sure it was running ok and if we needed anything else. Thank you for everything.
Siawn Ou
Siawn O.
00:38 12 Jul 20
Flora was very helpful in resolving an issue. She carefully read my service request for removal of a wasp’s nest (early stages of formation) on an exterior wall, and contacted the vendor immediately (instead of having them book an appointment with me). They were on site within 20 minutes and quickly removed the nest. Problem solved quick and more
Karla Gonzalez
Karla G.
23:13 10 Jul 20
Alejandra Diaz great person to help when needed and great customer service totally reccomend her, she also speaks spanish
Tamika Woodard
Tamika W.
22:48 10 Jul 20
I love this company! They are very responsive and work quickly with any requests. Gilberto Lopez took great care of my issue today! Thank you!

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