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At Mynd, we’re always striving to become better real estate investors ourselves, and help our owners/clients become higher-caliber investors too.

Take our real estate assessment test to evaluate your
proficiency, and see how you measure against your
investor peers.

  • Asses your knowledge of real estate investing
  • Gain a deeper understanding of investment strategies
  • Only takes 10 minutes
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Read the latest news on Bay Area’s real estate market, rent control policy changes,
compliance updates and many other useful tips & how-to’s for real estate investors.
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Real Estate
Investor Kit
Lessons Learned From Single Family Rental
Pioneers. You'`ll learn how to:
  • Reduce property management inefficiencies
  • Expedite leasing velocity to improves profit margins
  • Scale and Reduce R&M Spend
  • Identify what metrics to measure to continue improving ROI
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Frequently Asked
  • How do you lower my risk?
    Our property managers are well-versed in federal, state, and local compliance laws, and stay on top of changing regulations. The app enables us to provide full transparency on all communications, R&M plans and processes, and rent payments. We use data to track performance and measure results, so we're able to anticipate any issues before they arise. This information also creates an easy to find audit trail if a dispute or legal issue ever arises.
  • What are your management fees?
    Email us your property address and the number of units at and we will get you a customized price right away.
  • How do you determine the rent price?
    We utilize multiple systems that review market rents, comparable units, and location, and apply our experts’ deep industry knowledge. We understand the importance of achieving the highest rent possible when you have a vacancy in the Bay Area, so we will work hard to make that happen.
  • How much is the leasing fee?
    Email us your property address at and we will send you the leasing fee.
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