Reunited at Last: Mynd Welcomes Kathleen Silver to its Oakland Office

It’s like she didn’t skip a beat.

Kathleen Silver is the newest business development officer at Mynd’s Oakland office, but you wouldn’t know it by how quickly she settled in. It’s like she’s been a part of the team from the get-go.

And that’s because, in some ways, she has been.

Kathleen joins us, most recently, from NAI Northern California where she recruited, trained and retained commercial real estate brokers. But before NAI, Kathleen worked closely with Mynd co-founders Doug Brien and Colin Wiel at Starwood Waypoint Real Estate Trust. Kathleen joined Waypoint in 2011, just as the company was starting its massive expansion into key markets. Kathleen was an indispensable member of the team during that time, starting as a regional manager before taking on the role of Director of New Markets. For the next three years, Kathleen traveled coast-to-coast as Waypoint gained a foothold in cities like Phoenix, Houston and Chicago.

What we realized about Kathleen then, and the same holds true today, is that she isn’t your ordinary “business development” officer. She isn’t just out there pitching the company or massaging client relationships. And that’s partly because Kathleen’s background is not only in sales—it’s also in property management!

For the bulk of Kathleen’s career, she’s been a property manager. She’s managed anywhere from 500 to 1,000 residential units at a time. She’s an adept leader, having cultivated her own team in commercial brokerage to managing a portfolio of Class A+ properties in the Bay Area. She knows the ins-and-outs of commercial real estate and multifamily property management as well as anyone.

When she joined Waypoint Homes in 2011, in many ways, it was a leap of faith. She had no experience in single-family rentals. At the time, nobody had cracked the nut on SFRs. Most assumed managing a vast portfolio of SFR was downright impossible. It was the market segment simply couldn’t be scaled, industry experts said.

But Kathleen loves a good challenge. She always has. That’s what attracted her to property management in the first place. Property management, in her eyes, is a series of mini-challenges that need to be solved and overcome for an asset to realize its full potential.

No challenge is too big for Kathleen to tackle. In just a few years, she helped Waypoint Homes grow its portfolio to more than 17,000 single family rentals. Take that, naysayers!

We have no doubt that Kathleen is going to bring that same problem-solving ability to Mynd.

“I’m kind of a change junkie,” she admits. “I love seeing things improve. I love watching innovation happen. I’m not somebody who’s intimidated by things breaking, or problems coming up – I see all of that as opportunity.”

Whereas some people sit idly on the sidelines, watching as technology leaves its imprint on the real estate industry, Kathleen dives right in. She believes that software can improve user experiences, that collecting, monitoring and interpreting data can lead to better decision-making.

In fact, Kathleen jokes that some of the innovations she has leveraged have nearly worked her out of a job. “As Director of New Markets, I helped roll out a self-leasing program that was considered the first of its kind,” she recalls. “It was so successful that it actually meant the company didn’t need me around!”

(Don’t worry, Kathleen. Keep on innovating – we’ll always find a new challenge for you to tackle here at Mynd!)

Kathleen’s depth of experience makes her a great candidate for any property management company, so we were thrilled when she decided to join our team. Kathleen already has the “think like an investor” mindset engrained in her from her property management days.

“Thinking like an investor has always been a key tenent for me,” she says. “Whenever I walked a building, whenever I reviewed building or service contracts, I always asked myself: What would the owner want in this situation? That approach has always guided me in the right direction.”

We have no doubt that mindset will guide her in the right direction here, too.

At Mynd, we believe the property management industry is ripe for disruption. It’s time to toss the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude out the window. Kathleen joined Mynd because she has the confidence we can do it. We welcome her with open arms because we know she’ll help us get there.

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