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The team of professionals at Mynd Property Management is different than other Greater Sacramento property managers. We have personal and professional experience in Sacramento County, Yolo County, and Placer County.

In addition we are real estate investors. We fully understand the concerns and challenges that come with rental property ownership and investing.

When you work with Mynd, you can put those worries aside. We have a unique and innovative approach to the way we care for your rental property and your residents. Your investment is just as important to us as our own properties. We ensure your rental income is optimized and your residents are happy.

Cities We Serve in Sacramento, Yolo, and Placer Counties

We offer property management services in Sacramento, Davis, West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Granite Bay, Folsom, and Fairfield.

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At Mynd Property Management, we’re a little different than other Sacramento property management companies. It comes from our personal and our professional experience. We’re real estate investors ourselves. We understand what you worry about and what it means when there’s a vacancy that’s even a week too long. We know how important on-time rent collection is. We understand the worries that come with finding the right residents.



When you work with Mynd, you can relax. We’ll manage your investment the same way we manage our own investments. We’ll keep an eye on your bottom line, protect the condition and the value of your asset, and ensure there’s a happy, well-qualified resident in place at all times.

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Results You Expect

Your rental property is one of your most valuable assets. You expect concrete, tangible results, and Mynd delivers. We focus on measurable results that you can see.

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Faster Leasing

Quicker than average leasing times

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Quick Response

Less than 4 business hours for owners, less than 8 business hours for residents.

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Quality Residents

Higher than average resident quality score (720+)

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Low Delinquency

No need to worry about rental payments, less than 2% delinquency

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High Resident Satisfaction

Consistently high customer satisfaction scores (Better than 4/5)

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Happy Owners

Net Promoter Score of 58 versus industry average of 7

Mynd understands that trust is not implied, it is earned. We think like investors and align our services with your best interests. That’s why we offer a variety of guarantees so your clients can experience the results.

Rental Income Guarantee icon

Rental Income Guarantee

This guarantee protects a property owner’s annual rental income. If a resident that was screened and placed by Mynd fails to pay rent at any time, Mynd will pay rent up to $5,000, and work out a resolution plan with the resident. In the case that a resolution isn’t reached, Mynd will file and handle the entire eviction process.


Increasing Your Rental Income

We help you earn more on your rental property in Sacramento. It’s not always about raising the rent. You can earn more by keeping great residents in place and by avoiding vacancies with strategic and aggressive marketing strategies and efficient move-in processes. We have this down to a science, and there is never any time or money wasted when we’re managing your home.

Managing properties all over Sacramento, including Sacramento, Davis, West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Granite Bay.

Rental Income Guarantee icon

Property Damage Protection

This guarantee protects a property owner’s rental asset from unforeseen damage when a Mynd-placed resident moves out. If a resident of a Mynd-managed home is responsible for property damage above and beyond the security deposit, Mynd will cover the difference up to $5,000.


Eliminating Property Management Headaches


Owning rental properties is profitable and a great way to establish yourself in a growing industry while building wealth. But, it’s not all fun and profit. Managing a rental home comes with a list of anxieties, including who will respond to emergencies in the middle of the night? How will you find vendors you can trust? What if the resident sneaks out in the middle of the night after damaging your property? Suppose someone files a fair housing complaint?

We deliver peace of Mynd. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on doing whatever it is you do best.

Eviction Protection Plan icon

Eviction Protection Plan

This guarantee protects a property owner when a resident is unable to pay rent. If a Mynd-placed resident fails to pay rent, Mynd will file the eviction and handle the entire process, which includes legal fees of up to $5,000.

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Finding the Best Sacramento residents.


The resident you choose for your rental property will have a huge impact on the type of experience you have as a owner. We believe in creating positive rental experiences for everyone, and our resident placement system delivers well-qualified residents who care about their homes and have no trouble following the terms of their lease agreements. They renew their leases and they communicate well. We keep your residents happy because happy residents lead to happy owners.

Placing residents throughout Sacramento, including zip codes 95823, 95822, 95828, and 95831.

Pricing Plans That Suit Your Needs




Management Fee (Monthly)
Management Fee
$79 $119 $179
Leasing Fee (Percentage of Rent)
Leasing Fee
(Percentage of Rent)
100% 50% 0%
Lease Renewal (Flat Fee)
Lease Renewal
(Flat Fee)
$299 $149 $0
Rental Income Guarantee
Rental Income Guarantee
Property Damage Protection
Property Damage Protection
Eviciton Protection
Eviction Protection

Management Options Designed With The Multi-Family Investor in Mind

100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

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*Note: This pricing plan applies to owners with one to four single-family rental homes. For pricing on five rental housing units or more, please click here.

Do you still work for your rental property?

It’s time to make it work for you.

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Our Location

Sacramento Office

2012 P St., Ste. 201
Sacramento, California 95811
United States (US)
Phone: (916) 260-2415

Meet Your Local Superstars

We start by hiring the best people with deep local expertise. We equip them with the tools, technology and data. You get results.

Cindy - Sacramento Portfolio Manager

MEET Cindy

Sacramento Portfolio Manager

Cindy has 27+ years’ experience in the property management industry. Cindy strives for building strong owner relationships supported with the most current industry knowledge to provide the most profitable experience. She has experience in the Nor Cal Region and is an expert within the greater Sacramento rental housing Industry.

Kate - Leasing



Charlie - Accounting



Ashley - Resident Services


Resident Services

Brad - Maintenance



Don’t take our word for it

Ken Woodward diferentes a great Job in music apartamento.
moches limas
moches L.
21:05 13 Mar 20
Mynd provided fast and complete service. All repairs have always been quick and professional.
Raymond Fillpot
Raymond F.
20:48 09 Mar 20
Im very satisfied with the service I received from Flora. She did take the time to contact me and find out if the problem at my apartment was taken care of. I felt like Flora really cares about the tenants by making sure that our problems get taken care ofread more
Gloria Ramos
Gloria R.
00:29 05 Mar 20
Ken came to handle some Matincence things I needed done! He came right on the time they made the appointment and was quick friendly and efficient! Thank you mynd for always handling the renters needs quick and easily!read more
Taylin Perell
Taylin P.
18:30 04 Mar 20
Ive rented from Mynd for a little over a year now and my experience with their service has been positive. They online portal is very convenient for paying rent and communicating with the management staff. Mynd responds quickly to any questions or concerns promptly which is very appreciatedread more
Jeffrey Gunn
Jeffrey G.
20:40 29 Feb 20
Ken Woodward was professional and went above and beyond for my services which is greatly appreciated! Thank you Ken!
Joshua Houston
Joshua H.
23:20 28 Feb 20
Hello from Dante and Lesuong Thank you for quick response to our recent service needs! Ken Woodward was amazing. Very knowledgeable and friendly!
LeLe Suong
LeLe S.
08:00 28 Feb 20
The River Oaks apartment complex is well kept, and clean. Whenever we had complaints, Celeste, the property manager, took care of it immediately. Once, one of the sprinkler broke, and sprayed water on to our car, and left hard water stains, we told Celeste, and she took care of the detail bill for us, I was amazed by how well Mynd, and Celeste takes care of their tenants. She really keeps everyone inline, and makes living here pleasant. River Oaks is mostly quiet, and safe. There's mostly older people, and families that are living in this complex, very few college kids. It's safe to walk around inside of River Oaks at night, and there's friendly neighbors around the complex. I notice there's quite a few dog waste stations around, so the complex is dog friendly as well. If I wasn't moving into my new home, I would stay here more
Michael Saia
Michael S.
20:06 27 Feb 20
Ken Woodward did an amazing on my bathroom. He renovated my bathroom with new caulking. Unclog my bathtub. Made my bathroom look brand new. Great attitude and very friendly.
Zee Hunter
Zee H.
00:05 27 Feb 20
MYND has been very helpful and kind to me. Issues have been fixed promptly. Flora and Cindy Mendoza have amazing customer service and are very attentive to me as a tenant. Thank you!
Chris Brown
Chris B.
04:10 26 Feb 20
MYND management has always been quick to take care of any issue I’ve reported at my current place of residence. We rent through a property managed by them and have had nothing but great experiences with them. Flora Guzzanti in particular has helped me on multiple occasions and always follows up to make sure the problem was fully taken care of after the fact. Thanks MYND more
Anthony Peluso
Anthony P.
01:55 26 Feb 20
Even as an OSM at The Montecito in West Sacramento I still need to put in for WO's from time to time and Flora Guzzanti acted very quickly with a response and solution.
Kenneth Woodward
Kenneth W.
17:02 24 Feb 20
Mynd Property Management is a very good property management. When there has been a problem, they are quick to get it fixed. Today was a good example. My garbage disposal stopped working, I sent in a maintenance request, immediately I get a confirmation that they are assigning the repair out. The next day I received an email that the repair guy will be at my house at a set day and time. The repair guy was Ken Woodward, who was on time, polite, and funny, even being funny with my little dogs. He listened to what I explained, and then quickly got to work.I have lived at my current residence for 12 years and hope to continue to deal with Mynd Property more
Roberta Braswell
Roberta B.
17:09 19 Feb 20
Cindy MShe was a pleasure to work with.
Catrina Alcazar
Catrina A.
21:38 14 Feb 20
We have been very satisfied with our property management team of Celeste in the office and John as our maintenance person. We’ve always had prompt and professional attention paid to our service requests and the work done has been done correctly. The atmosphere here is always positive and I believe these two people are a great asset to more
Dawn & Pat Robinson
Dawn & Pat R.
02:01 12 Feb 20
I currently moved and the apartments I live in are run by MYND management. I have had great customer service and hospitality every time a problem has occurred. Celeste has always done a great job to get back to me and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks for always keeping me updated and in the loop!read more
Jasmine Yanez
Jasmine Y.
00:37 12 Feb 20
Thank you Cindy Mendoza for your solutions. I appreciate your kindness, effort and support. Keep doing your great work👍
fabi mullaj
fabi M.
16:08 05 Feb 20
We recently had our property taken over by Mynd. It has been nothing short of a revelation. Cindy M in particular is attentive, responsive and actually gets our concerns and issues seen to - without delay and with no problems. I can't say enough good things about Cindy, she personifies all that is good about customer more
21:31 29 Jan 20
Daryl was extremely helpful, professional and friendly. I highly recommend him. Thank you so much!
Ali Haq
Ali H.
00:22 23 Jan 20
I'm sure glad we have good people working at MYND. After countless checks mailed, I had one that didn't arrive. So,Cindy Mendoza,n I worked on it to solve the lost check. It really helps to have flexible managers like Cindy Mendoza to deal with. 11 YEARS n still clicking with MYND!😁read more
Scott Vaughn
Scott V.
01:46 18 Jan 20

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