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Our team of local professionals at Mynd Property Management are different than other Elk Grove property managers. Servicing Sacramento and the surrounding Vineyard and Wilton areas, we leverage real-time data to consistently better our services, providing owners with seamless management experience.

Customers working with Mynd can rely on us as their trusted partner, providing them with a healthy investment, and their residents with a happy home. Construction and manufacturing once were Elk Grove’s greatest investments, now, it’s residential real estate. It’s time to make your real estate investment work for you.

Free Rental Analysis

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Guaranteed Results

Rental Income Guarantee


If we place a resident and they fail to pay rent at any time during their lease, we reimburse you up to $5,000 in lost rent while we resolve the situation.

Property Damage Protection


If a resident we place moves out and leaves behind property damage in excess of their security deposit, we will cover the difference, up to $5,000.

Eviction Protection Plan

We protect YOU

If a Mynd-placed resident fails to pay rent and an eviction is required, Mynd will cover the court costs and legal fees up to $5,000.

Pricing Plans That Suit Your Needs

Core Service Plan

$79 Monthly Management Fee

100% of Leasing Fee

$299 Lease Renewal Fee

Avid Investor Plan

$119 Monthly Management Fee

50% of Leasing Fee

$149 Lease Renewal Fee

  Rental Income Guarantee

  Eviction Protection

Peace of Mynd Plan

$179 Monthly Management Fee

0% of Leasing Fee

$0 Lease Renewal Fee

  Rental Income Guarantee

  Eviction Protection

  Property Damage Protection

Don't Take Our Word For It

Results You Expect

Your rental property is one of your most valuable assets. You expect concrete, tangible results, and Mynd delivers. We focus on measurable results that you can see.

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Faster Leasing

Quicker than average leasing times

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Quick Response

Less than 4 business hours for owners, less than 8 business hours for residents.

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Quality Residents

Higher than average resident quality score (720+)

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Low Delinquency

No need to worry about rental payments, less than 2% delinquency

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High Resident Satisfaction

Consistently high customer satisfaction scores (Better than 4/5)

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Happy Owners

Net Promoter Score of 58 versus industry average of 7

Meet Your Local Superstars

We start by hiring the best people with deep local expertise.
We equip them with the tools, technology and data. You get results.

Meet Cindy

Elk Grove Portfolio Manager

Cindy has 27+ years’ experience in the property management industry. Cindy strives for building strong owner relationships supported with the most current industry knowledge to provide the most profitable experience. She has experience in the Nor Cal Region and is an expert within the greater Sacramento rental housing Industry.

Elk Grove Specific Property Management Expertise

Elk Grove is the second biggest city in Sacramento County, which means ample tenants! Mynd’s property managers will make sure to nab the best ones thanks to their wealth of knowledge in the fields of marketing, interviewing, and tenant retention. We’ll also handle regular repairs, emergencies, big projects like roof and HVAC replacement, and turn-over upkeep that occurs between tenants (repainting, recarpeting, deep cleaning, etc).

We’ll handle all the book keeping and tenant interactions as well, so all you have to do is kick back, receive regular updates, and enjoy the fruits of Mynd’s labor. We’ll make sure your investment delivers!






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Elk Grove is an area with plenty of greenery to enjoy, and maintain. We’ll make sure your trees stay trim so that your roof stays safe! This way the occasional storm will just be a day spent inside. Explore our resources below to learn more about how Mynd can help!

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