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The team of professionals at Mynd Property Management is different than other San Diego property managers. We have personal and professional experience throughout San Diego, including North Park, Mission Hills, Hillcrest, Downtown, Normal Heights, and Kensington.

In addition we are real estate investors. We fully understand the concerns and challenges that come with rental property ownership and investing.

When you work with Mynd, you can put those worries aside. We have a unique and innovative approach to the way we care for your rental property and your residents. Your investment is just as important to us as our own properties. We ensure your rental income is optimized and your residents are happy.

Our San Diego Property Management Service Area

Managing properties throughout San Diego, including North Park, Mission Hills, Hillcrest, Downtown, Normal Heights, and Kensington.

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Mynd Property Management is bringing service and innovation to San Diego property management. Our approach to residential management is a little different, and it comes from a personal place as well as a professional one. We’re investors ourselves, so we understand what it’s like to worry about your investment property. This has led us to create results-driven systems and to hold ourselves to higher standards when we’re managing your home. We’ll treat your asset the same way we treat our own; with respect, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to higher profits and lower costs. We’re also committed to your residents, which creates a better rental experience for all of us.

When you work with Mynd, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary expenses like long vacancies or deferred maintenance. We’re here to take care of your property and your resident.

We’re active members of the local community. Our property management professionals are members of the most reputable local associations and organizations that advocate for property owners like you.

Results You Can Expect





High Resident Satisfaction


Mynd understands that trust is not implied, it is earned. We think like investors and align our services with your best interests. That’s why we offer a variety of guarantees so your clients can experience the results.

Rental Income Guarantee

This guarantee protects a property owner’s annual rental income. If a resident that was screened and placed by Mynd fails to pay rent at any time, Mynd will pay rent up to $5,000, and work out a resolution plan with the resident. In the case that a resolution isn’t reached, Mynd will file and handle the entire eviction process.


Increasing Your Rental Income

Everyone wants to earn as much as possible in rent; it’s why you got into the real estate investment business, right? We have some unique systems and strategies that are designed to increase what you earn. We know how to price your property correctly, and we also work hard to retain residents and avoid turnovers and vacancy. You’ll have access to our innovative marketing solutions and our rent-ready process that ensures we attract the best residents for the highest prices. We’ll help your home perform.

Managing properties throughout San Diego, including North Park, Mission Hills, Hillcrest, Downtown, Normal Heights, and Kensington.

Property Damage Protection

This guarantee protects a property owner’s rental asset from unforeseen damage when a Mynd-placed resident moves out. If a resident of a Mynd-managed home is responsible for property damage above and beyond the security deposit, Mynd will cover the difference up to $5,000.


Eliminating Property Management Headaches


Owning residential real estate and renting it out is a great way to earn short-term cash flow and long-term returns. We understand the value of real estate intricately. As investors, we also know that managing homes can come with headaches. If you’re working full-time, investing elsewhere, managing a family, or pursuing your passions – you don’t have time to deal with those headaches. That’s why we’re here. At Mynd, we’ve seen it all before, and we’ve developed some automated systems and rock-solid processes that will keep the anxieties to a minimum.

We deliver peace of Mynd. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on doing whatever it is you do best.

Eviction Protection Plan

This guarantee protects a property owner when a resident is unable to pay rent. If a Mynd-placed resident fails to pay rent, Mynd will file the eviction and handle the entire process, which includes legal fees of up to $5,000.

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Finding the Best residents in San Diego

To effectively invest in rental properties, you need to keep those homes occupied with high-quality residents. That’s a specialty of ours at Mynd Property Management. Our team is exceptional at identifying and attracting the best residents for your home. We also have a lot of the newest and best technology and tools that can help us screen and support the individuals who apply to be residents. We have a system in place for showings, applications, and screenings. When we’re ready to approve a resident for a home and get the lease signed, there’s a system for that, too. It’s seamless and it’s simple. And, it leads to better residents.

Resident placement throughout the San Diego, including zip codes 92104, 92103, 92101, 92116, and 92115.

Pricing Plans That Suit Your Needs




Management Fee (Percentage of Rent)
Management Fee
(Percentage of Rent)
(Minimum Monthly Fee $99)
(Minimum Monthly Fee $149)
(Minimum Monthly Fee $179)
Leasing Fee (Percentage of Rent)
Leasing Fee
(Percentage of Rent)
50% 25% 0%
Lease Renewal (Flat Fee)
Lease Renewal
(Flat Fee)
$299 $149 $0
Rental Income Guarantee
Rental Income Guarantee
Property Damage Protection
Property Damage Protection
Eviciton Protection
Eviction Protection

Management Options Designed With The Multi-Family Investor in Mind

100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

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*Note: This pricing plan applies to owners with one to four single-family rental homes. For pricing on five rental housing units or more, please click here.

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MEET Collette

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Collette has 10+ years experience in the Multifamily Industry. Collette loves to help clients reach investment goals, improve ROI and ensure all their properties maintain a healthy NOI. Collette is a Southern California native and an expert in Orange County, San Diego, and Greater Los Angeles






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What Our Clients Are Saying

As a resident, Mynd has been one of the best property management companies that I have dealt with. Their quick responses and handling of maintenance requests has been very helpful (thank you David and Alvaro).I’ve just recently renewed my lease and Kristen made the process simple with an outcome that both building ownership and I were happy with. Thanks again!read more
Tyler Dycus
Tyler D.
17:41 06 Sep 19
Excellent and Fast efficient job . They manage all the necessities we need it and I'm loving Mynd Property . They always respond and they have great...
Dama G.
Dama G.
12:57 16 Aug 19
Julieta was great, it was so nice to receive the attention that she gave to me on this beautiful Saturday morning she was working and her thoroughness to getting me the correct answers. 😊😃👌read more
Tacha Scott
Tacha S.
19:01 27 Jul 19
I wanna leave two reviews. This one is about my experience through the process.. we make really good money my fiancé and I. But we were having a hard time with my fiancé’s credit. They really took time to HELP US and the customer service was just sooooooo good !! They found us a beautiful condo and we are SO EXCITED to move in and decorate:) !! Joey helped us and a super nice lady i wish i could remember her name.But man Just a full on great experience so far .. my next review will be in a couple months after we settle in and get a real feel for the company. But if it continues like this me and my family will be so blessed. They have it where you can pay your rent online too !! Like how convenient is that !!! The only thing I will have to get use to is the 800 number process but over all loved my QUICK process and experience 🙂read more
Anthony Mcdavid
Anthony M.
11:35 13 Jul 19
Julieta was SUPER QUICK AND HELPFUL when I needed help with a rental history verification on the fly. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get ahold of a live person given their automated call center, but once I emailed the residence info email address Julieta was quick to respond and make me feel completely taken care of. THANK YOU JULIETA!!read more
Morgan Elmendorf
Morgan E.
20:38 03 Jul 19
Although the complex I live in isn't the most luxurious, they make sure to do a great job with their staff. No matter if it's on site or via their customer service, they always make time to sincerely hear you and get you squared away.Kristen B. has been nothing short of spectacular!! With their company growing so fast in a short amount of time, she has continued to show consistency and genuine support in every facet. From day 1 (my first apartment!) we were locked out of our apartment and extremely confused as to how the process worked to get our keys, she was right there with me and walked me through everything and made sure we got into our unit ASAP! Since then her customer service has exceeded and every time I have a concern, she's the one to get it done! Thanks a bunch Kristen!! You really make renting not so stressful 🙂read more
JessRose Madden
JessRose M.
15:30 28 Jun 19
I've been very satisfied with the customer service I've received as a resident. Dawn and her team have been taking care of us every step of the way and is available to help us whenever we need. This Company is very diligent, and I enjoy the ease of taking care of my requests and payments online. Thank you Dawn, Serena, and Mynd Team!read more
Zoe Bleu
Zoe B.
01:02 09 Feb 19
The staff at Mynd has been very prompt in responding to any/all repairs requested. In addition, they have treated us with compassion at the passing of our dog. To date we have been very satisfied with their professionalism and ethical more
Kevin Cowen
Kevin C.
23:51 30 Jan 19
I've enjoyed having Mynd as my property managers. They are always quick to respond and go out of their way to get things fixed quick and professionally done. Thank you especially to Dawn W. For helping me with my experience as I move on to a new adventure. Shes very kind and more
Jessyka Heredia
Jessyka H.
00:22 26 Jan 19
Once Mynd began managing my complex in San Diego, then my stay became much more pleasant. Renovations and modifications to beautify the apartment community began and rules and regulations were being enforced for a change. This was a HUGE plus because a number of tenants are recreational drug (marijuana) users and enjoy exercising their smoking habits publicly. The smell is absolutely nauseating and this prevents me from being able to regularly open my windows for "fresh" air. Other than that, I can only sing praises regarding my tenancy. The communication between myself and Mynd in general has been above average. Specifically, I would like to express my gratitude for my Property Manager, Dawn W.. She has (and continues) to address my concerns very promptly and there is no doubt that she genuinely cares about me and my family as tenants. I can't place a price tag on kindness such as hers. Thank you Mynd and Thank you Dawn!read more
De Von R.
De Von R.
17:25 21 Jan 19
Dawn Wilson is my property manager and when I spoke with her she made everything so much easier when making decisions. She made me feel amazing like I’m not just a tenant or resident. We talked about all my concerns and she listen fix the issues as well gave me updates with other options available throughout Mynd. She’s awesome she deserves this 5 Star as a Individual!!!!!read more
23:27 18 Jan 19
Thank you Dawn Wilson for your Courtsey and Professionalism by helping and resonding to my matter at hand. Thank you so much !!!Bobby Jacobs
Bobby Jacobs
Bobby J.
03:19 11 Jan 19
I have to admit that when Mynd took over managing our rental property I was not thrilled. However they have completely won me over....especially Dawn Wilson! Dawn has taken such great care of us with everything that has come up. I’m so thankful for her and Mynd for handling our lease, building maintenance and neighbor more
Stephanie Jurist
Stephanie J.
04:35 04 Jan 19
Hello Dawn Wilson You know I always supported me and thank you so much and I really hope that this friendly communication will always last forever.My Pleasure Dawn Thank you !Best regards,ASHKANSent from Yahoo Mail for iPhoneread more
Ashkan Nasab
Ashkan N.
07:12 01 Dec 18
Been inside my place now for about a month. A few frustrating things came up here and there. However I will say that it was all fault by the HOA. The amazing staff at Mynd did their best to listen to my concerns and take care of me and in a patient and timely matter make sure that all my demands and concerns were met. I had the honor of working with Ana who also was able to make sure that I got reimbursed for my vehicle getting towed wrongfully. They are down to earth, easy to work with and the only reason there was issues in the beginning is because it’s a new unit they are managing on the property with an HOA that does not communicate clearly. But thank you Mynd and thank you more
Tyler Golliet
Tyler G.
19:04 16 Nov 18
Really nice and understanding management team with quick response to problem solving .Thanks mynd
adrian todd
adrian T.
16:57 15 Nov 18
UPDATE 11/13 : Ana has to be the best agent at Mynd. She acknowledged that there were issues with the way my situation was handled and made sure to rectify the situation by returning my refund and advanced rent payment. Thanks Ana!On Monday October 15, 2018, I discovered that my apartment was infested with flying termites. I put in a request for maintenance through the emergency line. The dispatcher informed the management company of my predicament and concerns. The following day I received an email from an agent at Mynd Management about an appointment for inspection by Loyd’s Pest control at 10am-12pm. I informed her that I would not be home but gave her consent to access my home without my presence. (per consent form) At 2 pm, I called to see what their findings were and I was informed that the technicians did not do the inspection because Mynd Management did not correspond with the Loyd’s Pest Control Company about accessing my apartment without my presence. I corresponded with a Mynd Property Management agent about their lack of completing the work order and re-requested for maintenance to visit the property as the problem was progressing. She stated that the Mynd upper management believed that “termites were not a habitability issue, nor was it harmful”. In the same manner, no pest control was sent out the apartment. On Wednesday October 17, 2018, the same agent at Mynd Management, mentioned that there may be compensation for the inconvenience. On Wednesday I spoke to two agents at Mynd Property Management via phone and was informed that work would not be completed on that day because they pest control company did not have any available appointments. I informed both agents that I would be out of town from Thursday October 18- October 22 and one of the agents assured that the inspection, treatment, and cleaning would be done prior to my return. On Thursday October 18, I received an email from the same agent that the inspection had been scheduled for Wednesday October 24th between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm after my return. Furthermore, I filed a complaint with the San Diego Housing Commission about the issues with Mynd Property management, which an Inspector was then dispatched. The Inspector confirmed that the property has a termite problem and stated that they would open an investigation and advise Mynd Management to resolve the issue. I have been running around back and forth between my apartment and searching for a place to stay for a few nights with hopes that Mynd would at least acknowledge and attempt to rectify this situation. I understand treatment takes time, however, if Mynd had at least sent out pest control to spot treat and remove the termites that were in the apartment I would have felt more comfortable and been able to remain in my residence until further treatment could take place. This situation has interrupted my whole life and caused unnecessary emotional, mental and financial more
Stephanie Njau
Stephanie N.
19:47 13 Nov 18
UPDATE 11/13 : Ana has to be the best agent at Mynd. She acknowledged that there were issues with the way my situation was handled and made sure to rectify the situation by returning my refund and advanced rent payment. Thanks Ana!read more
Stephanie Njau
Stephanie N.
19:36 13 Nov 18
Dawn Wilson is wonderful! Great customer service and very helpful!!
cassheila mullen
cassheila M.
16:09 02 Nov 18
Dawn Wilson,made a difference in my stay at 909 s.susnshine,whenever I needed help or sent in a maintenance request,she made sure the job got done.Came time for my move,Dawn sent me all the necessary paperwork,with clear understanding how to properly filled them out even offered to help.She shows concern and care for me.we had a military connection,she supports us 100%,for that I salute her,she was very professional in our conversations. Thanks Dawn keep up the Good more
Faye Mack
Faye M.
14:10 26 Oct 18

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