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The Vallejo Property Management team of professionals at Mynd Property Management is different than other property managers. We have personal and professional experience in Vallejo, which includes communities in South Vallejo, Chabot Terrace, Guadalcanal Village, Harry Floyd Terrace, Flosden Acres, Hyde Park, Glen Cove, Tiara, and Visage.

In addition we are real estate investors. We fully understand the concerns and challenges that come with rental property ownership and investing.

When you work with Mynd Property Management Vallejo, you can put those worries aside. We have a unique and innovative approach to the way we care for your rental property and your residents. Your investment is just as important to us as our own properties. We ensure your rental income is optimized and your residents are happy.

Neighborhoods Served by Vallejo, CA Property Managers

We offer Vallejo property management services in South Vallejo, Chabot Terrace, Guadalcanal Village, Harry Floyd Terrace, Flosden Acres, Hyde Park, Glen Cove, Tiara, and Visage.

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At Mynd Property Management, we’re thinking about the future. This makes us a little different than some of the other Vallejo property management companies you might have come across. If you’re looking for help with rental homes, we’re here and eager to work with you. Your investment is special; we get it. We’re investors too, and we know what your biggest challenges are as well as your potential rewards.

When you work with Mynd, you have a lot less to worry about. We’re treating your properties as if they’re our own, and we’re making decisions and implementing systems designed to help you earn more and enjoy your investment experience. It starts with putting residents first, because happy residents lead to happy owners and a better bottom line.

We’re active members of the local community. Our property management professionals are members of the most reputable local associations and organizations that advocate for property owners like you.

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Results You Can Expect

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Mynd understands that trust is not implied, it is earned. We think like investors and align our services with your best interests. That’s why we offer a variety of guarantees so your clients can experience the results.

Rental Income Guarantee

This guarantee protects a property owner’s annual rental income. If a resident that was screened and placed by Mynd fails to pay rent at any time, Mynd will pay rent up to $5,000, and work out a resolution plan with the resident. In the case that a resolution isn’t reached, Mynd will file and handle the entire eviction process.


Increasing Your Rental Income

We can help you earn more on your Vallejo rental property, not necessarily through climbing rents, but through other strategies like low vacancies and turnovers. We understand the dynamics of the local market and the local resident pool intimately, and we can help you earn more with additional services and more strategic systems. We’re here to support you in your quest to increase your ROI. Count on us to enjoy the best rents being paid by the best residents. We’re investors too, and we’ll never waste your time and money because we know how much it hurts.

Successful Vallejo Property Management.

Property Damage Protection

This guarantee protects a property owner’s rental asset from unforeseen damage when a Mynd-placed resident moves out. If a resident of a Mynd-managed home is responsible for property damage above and beyond the security deposit, Mynd will cover the difference up to $5,000.

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Eliminating Vallejo Property Management Headaches

We know about the headaches that come with owning residential real estate. Sure, it’s profitable and it provides a unique investment opportunity. But, when you’re renting out a home, you have to worry about resident disputes and toilet back-ups. You need to have a list of reliable and affordable vendors and contractors, and you need to be sure you’re following the ever-changing laws that govern owners and residents, including fair housing and rent control. What if a neighbor complains about your resident’s five pit bulls that you never approved? What if the roof blows in?

We deliver peace of Mynd. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on doing whatever it is you do best.

Eviction Protection Plan

This guarantee protects a property owner when a resident is unable to pay rent. If a Mynd-placed resident fails to pay rent, Mynd will file the eviction and handle the entire process, which includes legal fees of up to $5,000.

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Vallejo Property Managers that Find the Best residents

One of the things we’re great at is resident placement. As investors ourselves, we know that placing the right resident is extremely important. Not only does it guarantee the rent will be paid on time and the property will be well-cared for, it means long-term rental stability and an easy time with communication and lease enforcement. We have the tools and the technology to ensure only the best, most qualified residents are placed in your property. Good residents are happy residents, and happy residents are long-term residents.

resident placement in Vallejo, including zip codes 94589, 94590, 94591, and 94592.

Pricing Plans That Suit Your Needs




Management Fee (Percentage of Rent)
Management Fee
(Percentage of Rent)
(Minimum Monthly Fee $129)
(Minimum Monthly Fee $149)
(Minimum Monthly Fee $179)
Leasing Fee (Percentage of Rent)
Leasing Fee
(Percentage of Rent)
100% 50% 0%
Lease Renewal (Flat Fee)
Lease Renewal
(Flat Fee)
$299 $149 $0
Rental Income Guarantee
Rental Income Guarantee
Property Damage Protection
Property Damage Protection
Eviciton Protection
Eviction Protection

Management Options Designed With The Multi-Family Investor in Mind

100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

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*Note: This pricing plan applies to owners with one to four single-family rental homes. For pricing on five rental housing units or more, please click here.

Do you still work for your rental property?

It’s time to make it work for you.

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We start by hiring the best people with deep local expertise. We equip them with the tools, technology and data. You get results.

MEET Samantha

Vallejo Portfolio Manager (PM)

Samantha has over 8 years of experience in the property management industry. She started at a student-focused property and has since been involved in multi-family housing. Samantha specializes and spends most of her time in the South Bay and Peninsula areas.






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What Our Clients Are Saying

We are a preferred vendor with Mynd Property Management and we deal with Laurence Infiesto, "Asset Services Associate" He has been a real help with daily work orders and with transitioning between the merger of RentVest with Mynd Property Management.
14:07 06 Dec 19
Flora was so helpful on getting someone to check the problem I had with my house. thank You!
Edvin Sandoval
Edvin S.
02:41 06 Dec 19
Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with Flora about our heater not working, it was close to 5 pm so I figured most HVAC companies would be closed. The next morning before I could even get out of my bed to tell my husband someone would be here in 20 minutes or so to look at the problem they were already knocking at my door. Luckily it was just a thermostat and fixed very quickly. Both last night and this morning Flora kept in touch with me to make sure we were getting warmed up. I have been disappointed in the past about customer service not with MYND but just with our country in general and I have to say Flora went above and beyond and really expressed concern and got our problem taken care of before 10:30 AM, Thanks to Flora I am now ready to crawl out of my hibernation cocoon and start my day in a warm home thank you again flora for doing such a great job if I need to call again I hope you are the one that I get to speak with sincerely Suzie Peterson
susan peterson
susan P.
19:31 05 Dec 19
Steve has a lot of insights from being a property owner and business owner. He challenges you to be a better real estate investor. He's very generous to be spending his time at a local Meetup and I'm glad I went.
Tony Ho
Tony H.
18:39 05 Dec 19
Richard Glener
Richard G.
03:57 05 Dec 19
Steve Rozenberg - crushes!Attended his power packed, 2 hour- Out of State Investing seminar.Solid with; facts, resources, + experiential knowledge based on years of investing. Anyone self made, who can own + manage over 1,000+ doors and still find time to enjoy life, is someone I want to learn from. Thx Steve!
dahlia frydman
dahlia F.
03:27 05 Dec 19
We have had any service calls done right away. And have been in constant contact with services being completed for us. Thank you Laurence for keeping in touch through the process until it’s completed.
Melissa Yanez
Melissa Y.
03:26 04 Dec 19
I had a great experience listening to Steve Rosenberg give his presentation on 12/2/19! I was not familiar with Steve prior to his presentation and I was amazed to hear that he is an airline pilot. I myself have served over 11 years a military pilot and I am currently a major airline pilot as well. Steve is an incredible inspiration to me; it was great to see someone be so successful in real estate while having the same, demeaning career as I do. After seeing his presentation, I took the time to listen to his Bigger Pockets interview and I highly recommend taking the time to hear what he has to say. If you ever get the chance to hear Steve or his team speak, I would strongly recommend taking the time to do so. I am looking forward to working with Steve in upcoming investments. Thanks for everything you do, Steve!
Gregg Boulanger
Gregg B.
02:32 04 Dec 19
MYND has bought the management company for the house we are renting. So far the service has been great. Flora helped me recently with getting out fence repaired and everything worked well. It appears to be all online and I can manage everything from a app on my phone. Im happy so far. We are having issues with the area HOA not sure if MYND can help us with that. I will do another review once that is settled. Thanks again Mynd for for always returning my messages in a timely manner and being helpful and friendly.
Tammy Hagar
Tammy H.
12:35 03 Dec 19
Flora was very helpful and prompt in responding to my issue with the electricity. Thank you.
Christopher Anderson
Christopher A.
12:12 03 Dec 19
My heater went out and I called Mynd. I spoke with Flora who had someone come out that day. It was fixed and I am very pleased. She is a woman of her word.
Darby Alway
Darby A.
21:48 02 Dec 19
Hazel was lovely! Concerned, responsive, friendly and helped me solve an ant infestation issue by contacting and scheduling the exterminators, The Hitmen... who were also fantastic!
Erin Fleming
Erin F.
02:16 01 Dec 19
My heater wasn’t working properly and since the cold season is here, I decided to put in a request. Saul, as always, was on top of everything and send his tech Leo the following day. Leo didn’t leave until he made sure it was fixed and I was happy with the service. Saul followed up with me (as always) and he made sure I was satisfied with the service as well. It’s always a pleasure working with Saul.
Isaura Lopez
Isaura L.
22:40 30 Nov 19
Flora @ Mynd Property has been the best she has gone above and beyond to make sure that my maintenance request had been fulfilled in a timely manner and with get service. She send Chad who inwould say did an amazing job. Flora did a great job as well keeping me updated and asking if the request had been done. She deserves a 5 start for how great her customer service skills are.
Alvaro Medrano
Alvaro M.
23:57 28 Nov 19
I live in a building that is managed by Mynd property and I find the customer service team very professional and helpful.They were responsive to any requests I have made and resolve issues as quickly as possible.
nadja pentic
nadja P.
10:16 28 Nov 19
Had an emergency water issue. Repair man came out early the following morning (within 18 hours) and fixed the problem pronto! I'm now a happy man. Can take a shower again 🙂
Domonic Ruggiero
Domonic R.
23:23 27 Nov 19
Friendly, professional, efficient, and took care of my issue quickly. It's good to know that such great professionals are on the other end of the phone line when we need you!
Karma Yoakem
Karma Y.
15:08 27 Nov 19
Hazel has personally helped us deal with issues that have come up at our complex. At first dealing with the MYND app was extremely frustrating, slow and confusing. HOWEVER, once I actually spoke to Hazel on the phone...she was on it!! She turned that whole experience around. Friendly and efficient!!
Brooke Davis
Brooke D.
03:08 27 Nov 19
MYND has been my business property manager for quite some time. Whenever there is an issue, it is resolved immediately! I’ve dealt with many different property management companies and MYND is by far the best. Thank you MYND!
Lori Moody
Lori M.
01:58 27 Nov 19
Mynd property management is hands down one of the best management I've had the opportunity of working with. Flora really goes out of the way to help in any way they can. Had One problem, that was my fault, really was worried but once I hit management up they worked with me when they really did not have to and are always easy to get ahold of and talk to. Some of the best property's with the fairest prices in reno.
Ian Lambright
Ian L.
17:23 25 Nov 19

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